February 11th-12th downtime OVER

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February 11th-12th downtime OVER

Postby Rosehill » February 12th, 2023, 1:54:56 pm

The maintenance work of this weekend is now complete. Things behind the scenes have been updated, upgraded, polished, tweaked and streamlined. Things should now be working better. However there will most likely still be need for a third maintenance period. Once again we're keeping an eye out on how the site behaves and how our most recent improvements affect the site's performance to know what steps to take next.

Known issues after the maintenance:
-Eggs in the stream are not refreshing when picked up, and an error message shows at the top of the screen of the pick up message. We're working on fixing this.
-Some links on the Bestiary are leading to an error page, or a page telling "Page not found". We're working on fixing this.
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