Scheduled downtime: February 11th - February 12th

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Scheduled downtime: February 11th - February 12th

Postby Rosehill » January 29th, 2023, 8:28:29 am

Measures taken during January 25th's downtime improved a few issues on the site, yet did not altogether fix the gateway errors.

Due to this Magistream will take another, longer, period of downtime to implement next steps in trying to get to the bottom of the gateway error issues, and by that closer to solving them for good.

The site will be down starting at Saturday February 11th around 3AM EST/Magistream time (the time shown at the bottom right corner of the boards). The site will be down intermittently for most of the weekend while we make maintenance magic happen backstage. The site may come up and go down in fast repetition during the maintenance, and there may be weird looking errors of weird stuff seemingly happening on the site while we poke and prod things. So even if you happen to catch the site at a moment that it looks like it's up again, we don't guarantee that everything is working properly at that moment. Once the maintenance has been done we will post another announcement stating that it's over.

We will keep you updated on the status of the site. During the downtime you will find our status updates over at the official Magistream Twitter and official Magistream Facebook page:
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