Let's Pretend We're Gods

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Re: Let's Pretend We're Gods

Postby HailstormDeath » August 13th, 2019, 2:15:13 am

Odacir, God of Mystery. They have no set depiction, though most commonly shown as a shadowed figure surrounded by fog. They are a general deity, and are able to co-exist with other religions. There is rumour he lives in a lighthouse in the middle of the ocean, writing down everything. Many have gone in search of his lighthouse, none ever return.

Govinid, god of
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Re: Let's Pretend We're Gods

Postby gazaereal » September 11th, 2019, 6:51:24 am

Govinid, the god of poisons and toxins

Govinid is often depicted as a vivid colored snake with a tail of a scorpion, often holding a poisonous plant in his mouth. Depictions of his personality wary, with some saying that he is a kind god that protects any who ask for his blessing from toxins, while others paint him as a bloodthirsty, sadistic god that enjoys the torment of others. However, in all accounts, it is documented that he demands to be respected.

Sainut, goddess of...
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