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Postby lemonissourUwU » March 25th, 2020, 10:08:13 pm

1. Are any of your characters based off of you? I notice this a lot with the so called "Keep Stories" where people call their character "my magi."
it depends on the roleplay/story im writing. for example, if im writing something about a character being brought to somewhere they've never been to, then no. but if its a characters with several things in common with me, then yes.
2. Do you prefer writing male or female characters? Why?
i try to write an even amount of both, but sometimes i write male characters more. i dunno why, actually.
3. How attached do you get to your own characters? Do you think getting too attached is a problem?
if i like it, very attatched. most of the time its not much of a problem, but when deciding on which characters to use, that might be a problem.
4. How attached do you get to other people's characters?
it depends on what the characters relationship is with mine! if its a possible ship or a sibling or something, then i get very very attatched.
5. Do you formulate a story to fit your characters, or do you write characters to fit a story?
more than half of my chars are for roleplays, so it would be the first. but then again they can change, so i dunno.
6. How do you go about making a character? Do you think it's an effective method?
if its not something humanized, i give them a personality first and then a gender. then a name, and everything else. if it is something humanized, i just use the name given, slap in a personality, gender, and age, and im done!
ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage im looking for a male ibex and fem direwolf haha.
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