A New Discovery: a dead end

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A New Discovery: a dead end

Postby jessk » December 7th, 2021, 2:52:50 am

They huddled around the devices, two figures staring at two small round objects nestled in a velvet pouch. To the ordinary eye they looked like glass marbles; on close inspection one could trace iridescent colors swirling in tandem across each face. One marble was bound with a leather strap

“What do they do?” asked the young magi, picking up the marble by its strap and twirling it in the early afternoon sun. With a cluck of reprobation, the older magi carefully replaced the device into its container.

“When activated, they transmit sound from one device to the other. I’ve gathered all the spell components, so we can try them out at the next turn. Is your amagnae ready?”

“Magnus is out in the yard right now,” said the young one eagerly. “Do you think we’ll learn anything when he disappears at 6?”

“Only time will tell,” responded the older magi brightly, picking through ingredients. “Come back at 5:30 with the bird and we’ll try our first experiment.”

Two hours later, the young magi shifted nervously from foot to foot in front of a large white bird who had been lured to the window with bread crumbs. The ethereal amagnae stood perched on the windowsill with one of the marbles carefully tied to its left leg.

“Can you hear me?” emanated from the marble, the older magi’s voice coming in crisp and clear. The bird continued to stand stoically, not responding at all to the squawking emanating from its foot.

“Wow, I can!” exclaimed the younger one.

“Excellent! As soon as Magnus disappears, come over to the workshop and join me,” the marble directed. The younger magi affectionately ruffled the amagnae’s white feathers.

“We may not get to see where you go, but we’ll hear it!” The bird blinked its dark eyes noncommittally.

And then, suddenly, it was gone.

The young magi raced for the other room, unable to contain her excitement. Even before reaching the doorway, she heard it. It was too late to slow down, however, and her momentum pushed open the heavy wooden door before she could stop.

The sound became unbearable as the young magi entered the room. The older one was huddled against the workbench, clasping hands over his ears. It was the sound of unmuffled suffering, a rattle magnified into a tortured scream repeated across thousands of voices. It was death, louder than life, pouring out of the dancing marble that still sat displayed on its velvet pouch.

And suddenly, the cacophony changed. Instead of a thousand cries it was two. It was the magis, both wailing uncontrollably. With a small puff of smoke, the marble had cracked and broken into two, silenced and rapidly turning a dull metallic grey.

Realizing that she was now the only one screaming, the young magi clapped her hands over her mouth and slumped in the door frame. The older man continued to sob, now quietly.

Hours later over a warm cup of tea, the older magi shook his head in tired incredulity. Next to the two magi, black eyes still calm, stood Magnus. Half a marble still clung to his leg, a singed leather strap holding the remnant in place. Other than a shake of his foot to dislodge the jagged rock, the bird gave no indication of the evening’s distressing experiment.

“Maybe we misnamed the ethereal and reaper amagnaes. Those suffering souls must surely be in the land of the dead,” the elder spoke gravely.

“Or maybe they are related?” the younger magi ventured, staring with trepidation at the bird, who pecked at the biscuits that both magi had left untouched on a plate between their cups.

“Only time will tell.” repeated the older one, his voice no longer charged with adventure, but heavy with dread.
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Re: A New Discovery: a dead end

Postby vividmirage » December 11th, 2021, 1:16:26 am

Oh wow, this story is so perfectly eerie. The twist is completely unexpected, I love it! :splat:
☆ thanks for clicks! ☆
25/25 gifts! you all are the best :t-swoon:

in need of nightshade potooto eggs lol

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