The Mirror Sweater

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The Mirror Sweater

Postby Real » December 9th, 2020, 6:09:55 pm

The Mirror Sweater

Some sweaters are designed to be warm, some to be fancy, some to make you feel comfortable.
The newest sewater on the market is the Mirror Sweater. It's trendy, it's soft to the touch and it keeps an amagnae warm.
Woven with the warmest of Phoenix feathers and thread made of Chamaeleo skin, this sweater is unlike any you have ever seen. It's both practical, since it keeps your amagnae warm even in the coldest nights, and it's also fun to watch your companion wearing it.
At first, it's hard to see the sweater as it's mostly invisible. It's made of such light fabric that you almost can't feel it when picked up. Getting the amagnae dressed in it can be rather difficult too. Firstly because you can't see the sweater all that well and secondly... well, what amagnae wants to be dressed up.
While all sweaters look the same, they shape themselves according to each amagnae's personality. Some are the most soft looking, others rather scary. You suspect that whoever created these sweaters had made them so their magical properties would mirror other creatures' looks.

There are dozens of looks these sweaters can mirror but here are a few that had their image captured.
First image is of an amagnae with the sweater on before it mirrors something. The orthers... well, you can figure out what looks they've taken.

by Saebra
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