Hooded Sweater (Harvest Festival Contest Entry)

The "Ugly Sweater for your Amagane" contest entries

Hooded Sweater (Harvest Festival Contest Entry)

Postby Dancingstar » December 6th, 2020, 5:40:35 am


Introducing the all new Hooded Sweater! This adorable and highly fashionable sweater is sure to keep your feathered (and your not so feathered) friends warm and toasty! With a design that is inspired by the ever popular and adorable Xand Bear-it's guaranteed to be a great gift for any magi and their lovely flock of birds.

-Sewn from 100% Alpine Wool!
-Is tailor made to fit any amagnae, of any size and species from Olive to Pheonix!
-Is enchanted to be resistant to Otrovian Gases, so it will never degrade over time!
-You'll never have to worry about your amagae being cold ever again!
-Only 5g per sweater!

Order now while supplies last!

Credit for the Otrovian amagnae to the original artist.

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