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All According to Plan, Right?

PostPosted: March 17th, 2019, 10:51:15 pm
by AuraDragoness
The man leaned against the wall of the Atrium, grinning under his hood at the sight before him. He recognized many of the faces in the room, many of them came to see him every full moon for the wares he sold.

These past several weeks in particular had been the most amusing, magi talked about him and the notes that he had left with Adela; all of it was but a ploy...

...well, sort of, he DID find the love potions in his cart, meaning someone DID try to set him up. Thankfully, he had ditched the potions before anyone found out. He knew he had enemies, with his profession who wouldn't? Still, it was a good plan; by going dark around the time where many of his customers would be expecting to find him selling creatures like Lucinis Birds, Rosa Doves, and Valembats, perhaps when he resurfaced again at a later date they'd be even more in demand of his wares.

The idea had sounded good in his head and so far it had been going well...but something Talyn said made his smile fade. A strange smell in the stream?

Then another magi spoke, about Ammits that were bred with Razan Jungle cats, producing a very aggressive offspring.

Come to think of it, he HAD been near a river that fed The Stream when he'd ditched the Love Potions...

Yeah the story probably sucked but I came up with it at the last minute. I'm not good at making stories from clues, I prefer writing lore but still, the thought that Alethin came up with a plan to make his business even more successful was the first idea that came to my mind. :derp: