The Companion


The Companion

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Early one morning Alethin, in his hidden home in the Montains of Me’Chuan, got an urgent message from Remy, by a male telvian ammit; saying to meet him in Caliginous pool because he had urgent business, he wanted from him, and to come along without his assistant; that’s how important it was. Alethin thought to himself how unusual this was since he barely could tolerate Remy’s mood while he was selling his wares in the Merchant District.

So, thinking nothing about it, if someone needed something, he would supply it, no matter who for. As Alethin was traveling to his destination, Adela, was following silently behind him. She didn’t want to be left behind. As Alethin trekked through forests, desserts and finally close to his destination, he thought he heard something behind him. He turned to look and found nothing suspicious. So, he continued on.

As he closed in on the Caliginous pool, he saw Remy hiding behind some foliage and greeted him. “I came as soon as I could”, he said. Remy just looked at him coldly, and in a flash, Alethin was surrounded by guards and other merchants. The Guards were arresting him for selling contraband and the other merchants were shouting that all he does is take business from them, by selling illegal items.

Alethin was taken aback as he felt the shackles lock around his wrist. During the struggle he dropped a note, hoping someone would find it. He did think meeting Remy was weird, so he wrote a message stating that he remembered Remy complaining about the love potions he sold. Alethin smiled while remembering Remy complaining that the love potion, he bought was a dud and he wanted a refund. Alethin, being in business, had a no return policy. He chuckled when he remembered the look on Remy’s face when he told him no. So, he stuck it in his cloak pocket.

As he struggled with the guards, the note on the ground got trampled and torn. Alethin was gob smacked that his fellow merchants had so much animosity toward him. He stopped struggling. Little did he know that they weren’t real guards at all, but unhappy customers.

The guards marched him toward the Caves of Nareau. He remembered there was a holding cell in one of the caverns that had been deserted since the wars had ended. During this time, Adela, slithering up to the scene after everyone left, struggled to fit her head around the thread holding the note. She knew to find someone to help Alethin was imperative. She followed them and then she went to the caravan in the merchant district, like Alethin and her always did, especially since the full moon was coming. She had to find help.

Adela was frantic about finding someone to help her and crossed paths with many Magi, hopeful that someone would help. After a crowd swarmed to her, she fled back to where they were headed with Alethin. Silently slithering to get her Magi back, she waited until no one was looking her way. She slithered through the bars of the cell right up to Alethin.

Alethin was shocked that his Adela was here and had the note still hanging around her neck. He was hopeful that someone, somewhere, would help him. While in the cell he found paper and quill. He wrote another note and put a special dust on it, that when a person read the note, it flared up with a flash. He then gave the note to Adela and asked her to post it in the alleyway behind his caravan.

Adela, with that quest left quickly. She traveled the fastest she ever did and went to the alleyway with the note and put it on the nail that was hanging there. Then she fled back to her Alethin. She knew she had to help him escape. So, again, she silently slithered to Alethin. Alethin was happy to see Adela and knew she put the note up. He was so hopeful that people would start to miss him, especially since the full moon had arrived.

Adela was hiding in the cell watching the guards take shifts, and she saw where the keys to the cell were. While the current guard fell asleep, she carefully went up to him and took the keys and then silently went back to Alethin. Amazed and grateful for the help from Adela, he took the keys quietly, and unlocked the cell door while the guard snored.

He crept his way out of the cavern with Adela in tow. He knew he had to stay out of sight for a while. As he went faster through the cavern, he heard the shout of the guard and then he ran straight out of the cavern. He was so thankful for Adela helping him, and told her, “I’m so very proud of you. I couldn’t have asked for a better companion than you. You do so much for me! Thank you.” Adela was elated that he now knew how important she really was to him.

As they were traveling back to his home, to lay low for a while, he bumped into Javalady; who was out of breath as she came upon him and Adela. She said, “Thank goodness I found you, so many people have been worried about you.” Alethin felt such joy that he now knew other people really did care about him and his wares. He explained the situation to Javalady, and requested she let everyone know that he would be back next full moon with loads of goodies. After a while Javalady left, and Alethin continued on his way back home.
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