A Ballad of Clues


A Ballad of Clues

Postby fierfly567 » March 17th, 2019, 5:34:26 pm

I tried my hand at writing a short story, but that was a tad too ambitious. But I can do poetry. So have some last-minute (mainly) iambic quatrain.

The nineteenth day of second month
The full moon shone so bright
Magi gathered in the woods but
No one was in sight

After many days of wondering
We finally all could see
That Alethin had been prisoner
But had easily gotten free

So the task was set to us
To write of what we'd seen
The rumours and the mysteries
From the places that we've been

In the icy plains of the Arkene shop
Two figures stood in shadow sly
But the keeper knows of all in here
And they couldn't escape her eye

She said, "I heard them muttering
Of a snake as dark as night,
Seen slithering through the gardens
And was quite the unusual sight"

But Arkene's quite the distance
From the all the Keep's bright green,
So how the rumour spread so fast
Remains as-of-yet be seen

In the beautiful city Synara
Another market tells its story
It seems a little toy went missing
From Artificer's inventory

A tiny little snake it was
A prototype to say the best
And it’s little tiny mechanism
The keys to open any chest

But it seems a little bit suspicious
That it vanished with no furore
You'd think that someone'd make a fuss;
It vanished from their territory!

Taylin's always got a story
And many things to say
But when it's in the Atrium
It's always here to stay

Coming home from distant travels
To find a cobra, all obscured
What're you hiding that it wants?
"Nothing I've got!" We're assured

But Kaiden gave you something, see
Something you should hide
Something that you should've vanished
So why's it that you've lied?

We were told when the message arrived
At the starting of our hunting
The clues were out for us to find
For all to see, as bright as bunting

We all were given prior warning
Take care of where we'd seen the clues
And could we really trust the sources
Twisted by the person's views

I believe this whole endeavour
Is a little bit suspicious
It all seems mighty strange to me
And all a little bit fictitious

A setup of the highest order
And we could even lay the blame
For the market's not that far away,
From the feet of Archmage Thane!
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