Alethin arrested, escapes!


Alethin arrested, escapes!

Postby Jeh » March 17th, 2019, 11:04:07 am

English is not my language and I have tried to put together what I could.

Alethin, who allegedly ran a black marketing racket was arrested by officers over the sale of illegal breeding potions. The authorities are not able to give any responsible or sensible answers as to how an alleged smuggler managed to escape.
Off the record, some people say he may have been helped to evade the authorities and that there murkier rackets going on. His front was a shop helping to find homes for hard to look after creatures. The real dangerous things are the illegal breeding potions and hybrid breeding racket going on. They allege some really important people are involved in the racket.
The same source alleges that scientists like Kaiden Featherstone have made some highly potent love potions that can make the most unlikely and dangerous creatures breed with each other resulting in dangerous hybrids like Mist Ammits and Telvian Ammits.
When our reporter contacted Mr. Featherstone for a comment, all he said was he had made such a potion but had not used it himself. He gave it to Talyn to “dump somewhere”. Why he did not destroy it himself, he did not clarify. On further questioning, he refused to answer.
When our reporter tried to contact Talyn, he did not answer any questions.
Our reporter heard him mumbling about a snake, Synara, Cave near Boreus and Glacial Koi. We have reporters following up on these leads, please do tune into our channel as we keep posting breaking news about this heist.
Meanwhile, our correspondent reminds all of you that Alethin was known to have a pet snake.

We will definitely keep you updated. Stay tuned for our report on the sighting of 3 very rare creatures Gilded Mirrorfin, Jubilant Cockatoo and Wailing Cockatoo.

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