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A magi's story.....and a rescue mission.

PostPosted: March 10th, 2019, 8:15:42 pm
by DarkRider
Note: This is story is rated PG
Notes to readers below spoiler.

A shadowed figure watched as her friend escaped, now she understood everything and he was lucky to be alive.

*Present Day

“Zira get over here, the high Magi wants to see you,” a messenger said urgently. They were studying in the Tower of Triathe. “Yes coming at once!” Zira said, once in one of the main rooms she walked over to the study of the high magi. “You heard the news?” he asked, “I did but what has this to do with us?” She watched as a Dark Atramentum was writing on the scroll next to the mage.

A young Viton crackled in the fireplace, she raised an eyebrow. He watched as she looked at the creatures “As you know one of our most valued suppliers has somehow been captured, from my understanding he has gotten into some sticky situation.” The High Magi paused and then stroking his Dark Atramentum, he replaced the scroll written, “Here this shows the last location in our city where he was. Find him, and find out who his capture was so we can bring him to
justice. Please be as discrete as possible, we do not want to attract his enemies attention. Might want to take a few creatures with you.” The high mage said, “Good luck Zira, may you be successful in your journey. “Oh and I would advise you take a mistalker with you on your journey you may need it.” Zira nodded reaching for the scroll and walking out the door.

Going down the hall she went to her part of the tower. Whistling, her miststalker, Jera, came to her side. Zira started to pack her bag, since it was just across town she didn't need much. “Going to be a tough case Jera, we need a plan.” She packed some scrolls containing certain breaking spells. Grabbing her bow and arrow case, her cloak, and her pack. She went outside her room and proceeded down the tower. Pygmy Crystalwings flew around the towers hallways and staircases. Ignoring them and her mistalker at her side, with her black cloak trailing behind her, she continued towards the bottom of the tower. She had a companion who would get her there quicker, male Hvitamarr, her companion saddled and ready was waiting his many legs scrapping the ground in anticipation of being ready. She walked up to him calming him down “Easy, Spirit.” Zira climbed on with her mistalker ready by her side. The bulky steed was surprisingly easy to ride and very protective, a perfect choice in aiding on her quest.

Getting on the trail to the Lake of Triathe, is where the last place Alethin was seen from a few days ago. “We should go around the city, Spirit, I don't want unwanted attention.” Taking the route towards the outskirts of the northwestern trail, she reached the Lake within nightfall.

That night

When they reached the Lake it was gloomy dark place. Trees looming around and the city loomed behind. With a half moon above and night creatures flying above, she started a campfire and rested for the night. Making the most of the night she walked around a bit staying within the camp-firelight. A splash occurred on the lake, she looked and had seen a huge tail leave the surface. Jera growled lightly, “I know, this place creeps me out.” She said under her cloak, going back to sit down at the fire, stirring her pot of soup. Nothing like getting a warm meal. Serving herself and Jera she ate and then laid down to sleep, though felt like someone was watching her the whole night.

Middle of the morning

Zira felt something prick her, something sharp, tossing and turning she waved it off. “Not now, Jera. I'm sleeping.” She moaned, turning again. “I would require that you wake up miss.” Opening her eyes at the male voice she jerked awake. “Aahhhh, Get that thing away from me!” She said staring at the arrow being pointed at her. After sitting up she said “Who are you and why are you pointing that thing at me, and why are you here?” She asked short breathed, “Seems I have that effect on people,” the stranger said. “Seems?! Seems?! Obviously, look you better have a good reason for coming here otherwise I will personally throw you into the dungeons of Triathe.” She threatened, he threw backed off and said “Easy lady I don't want trouble! I came here because of this too.” He threw her a scroll, no wait.... it was her scroll!!

Narrowing her eyes at him, “Only curious. Meant no harm.” She was suspicious because he had slipped into her cloak on her side and grabbed the scroll. “Give me two reason's why I shouldn't destroy you on the spot.” She said quite irritated, and tired, she held her hands up and started muttering a spell, her hands glowed but only she could see the magic, well hopefully “That spell won't help you,” he said and to her surprise a creature appeared at the dimming fire-lit side of the magi. A dark creature who's rarity matched her own creatures.

“A Pandorum!” She lowered her spell and the spell subsided. Slightly frightened of the Pandorum, who carried it's legendary bone staff, and it's skinny body snaked around the magi. Pandorum's weren't her type, especially right now when she was weak. “So you threaten me, then want to come with me. But I still don't have a name.” She said narrowing her eyes, “My apologies, Miss, My name is Egorim,” he said putting up his bow, and bowing. Even if he did have a handsome face, with blonde hair, and strong body. “I'm Zira, this is Spirit, and Jera.” She said, rubbing her tired eyes, now more awake. She stirred what remained of the fire. “So says this man, Altire or something.... did to deserve such a fate.” Egorim said starting to settle down without being invited to join. Narrowing her eyes, she said “Alethin, and no I don't suppose you want to come along. Rule one, keep that Pandorum away from me, Legend says that they drain magic in order to learn about it. Rule two if you betray me, or the mission, I have several creatures of my own who wouldn't mind to snack on you. Jera included.” Zirean said pointing one of her knives at him.

Feeling awkward with her newfound unwanted companion. She poked at the dying fire, “Here let me,” Egorim said flicking his wrist, without speaking he lit the fire, taken aback by the surprise she had a bit of smoke on her face. He laughed, “Sorry about that, that's the pyro in me.” Egorim said, laughing. The Pandorum hissed a laugh, she glared at it. Sticking her knife in the ground, she got up and walked over to the edge of the lake. “No one asked you to join me,” muttering a spell she made clean water and scooped it up and wrinsed her face off. “Oh and I suppose you can stop the forces holding a powerful Magi at bay, in a city on your own?” Zira asked nonchalantly.

He glared at her a moment, feeling it was much for her to take in, since his random appearance. The steed behind the girl snorted, his dark eyes locking with his own and some of his hoofs scrapping the ground. Sensing the uneasiness of the group he said “Look lets make a deal, I'll accompany you on this journey and help you free your friend. Then we'll part ways.” Egorim said with a slight smile. The girl just glared at him again, obviously having trust issues. “Fine fine, if you think you can handle a room full of guards and possible Magi then fine, do it yourself. Though I hear where he's gotten himself in trouble, they don't like Magi, and creatures alike.”Egorim said honestly the Pandorum sitting at his feet sketching in the dirt. “Now get some sleep and think about it, I won't harm you while your sleeping....” He paused staring blankly poking at the fire.

Zira thought about what he said, “Fine, still doesn't mean I trust you one bit though.” She said turning her back on him and covering herself up. The Pandorum creeped her out, Jera laid next to her on the other-side her big cat like form almost hugging her the mist slightly tickeled her nose. Zira scratched the big cat behind her ear. Finally falling asleep only to be woken a couple hours later.

That morning

After getting around quietly and quickly they were on the road within the hour. Her unwanted new companion and his pet, (as she called it) trailed in front of her and her two companions. It'll take them the rest of the day to get to the city called Alveus, of course it would have been faster across the lake, but she didn't bring any of her water companions with her. Following the road, along the lakeside, they kept going they only rested until that afternoon.

Going to the edge of the lake she hopped off of Spirit, and let him drink. Egorim let his Pandorum drink the snake like creature lapped happily. Narrowing her eyes, she still didn't trust it. No matter how much she traveled with them. She grabbed a biscuit out of her bag. Egorim already had some kind of food with him he was snacking on. “At this rate we'll make the city by daybreak, tomorrow.” Zira said brushing her hair a bit after eating a biscuit. Then stretching, and stroking Jera. Egorim said “We may not be able to take these creatures, from what I heard we may have to leave them behind.” Zira nodded having forgotten about the regulations of coming into that city. Nearly Everyone was afraid of Magi like themselves, after their war with Triathe.

Frowning Zira gripped her necklace, a green crystal, from a pygmy crystalwing. She found the crystal when she first joined the Magi a the Tower of Triarthe. She'll have to hide the crystal, behind her blue vest and shirt. Her boots scuffed the ground, “I suppose we'll have to limit our magic as well, to make ourselves less noticeable.” Zira said, Egorim nodded and said “We'll have to either pay off someone to keep our pets safe or send them back home and we can't afford either, at least I can't.” Zira nodded, “It seems we're at an impasse then, not really convenient. Guess we'll find out when we get there, we'll stop a few miles from the town and leave our creatures behind.” Zira said, suddenly full of doubt. Preparing to move again, she led Spirit, and hopped on easily.

Next night

They were sitting at the fire contemplating at what to do when to get into the city, even though they did not trust each-other they had to work together to get the job done and rescue the Magi. No matter if Zira liked it or not. In the morning they would make their way to the city of Alveus. Turning over and falling asleep next to Jera she contemplated on what to do for the morning.

Next morning

Next morning Zira jerked awake “son-of-a... I knew he'd scam me!” Zira shouted, Spirit and Jera were gone, and the Pandorum. Grabbing her things she mumbled stubbornly, and grabbed her bow and arrow case. Now in a bad mood, she got a move on, which now was no choice. With bad weather coming towards her from the east. Nothing was going to plan, Egorim was gone, and now had no plan without someone else there with her.
Hours later she neared the city, she stopped near a tree outside the city. Frustrated she hid behind the tree. “Miss me?.” A familiar voice scared her half to death, she turned around and punched him in the face. With her quick reflexes she found herself now even more pissed. “Really!? You steal my companions and then suddenly show up and expect forgiveness?!” He wiped the blood off of his nose, sure he deserved it, sure but she was attracting unwanted attention. “Really Miss, you need to chill out, you'll get us thrown in jail ourselves.” Egorim said fixing his nose with magic. “Fix your stupid nose, and then we are going into that city to find the missing Magi.” Zira said, starting to walk towards the city, clearly in a bad mood.
Nearing she tried to calm down for the guards at the gate would get suspicious. The city loomed ahead of her, not really ever setting foot into this city, the best place to check would be a local pub, to get rumor's. To see who trapped the poor Magi in the jail cells. Zira suddenly felt a hand on her shoulder “Stop, I've been here before. This secruity is tight.” The unwanted voice behind her stopped for a split second, “It can't be as bad as the city of Triarthe.” She rolled her green eyes and continued forward trying not to look noticeable. “Stop right there Miss, we have to do a routine check, to make sure you aren't carrying any unwanted critters.” The guard said stubbornly. He neared her, and started checking her cloak, “hey! Leave that alone.”Zira said after they'd grabbed her pack and dumped her contents to make sure a creature wasn't hiding and did the same to Egorim. After the check, they picked there things up and stuffed them back into the bags. Glaring at the guards, they then went on their way, luckily not checking her scrolls.
As they walked they were both hopefully on the look out for a local Tavern. After about an hour of dealing with the mild crowd, since it wasn't market day, they made there selves towards a Tavern. A Tavern called The Sleeping Cat, weird that there would be one named something after an animal in this city.
Making her way towards the Tavern, she looked behind her Egorim was talking to a stall merchant. Glaring at him when he made eye contact, she waited till he was done. “Easy, Zira, just getting some local info, seems your friend was trying to make a shady deal, in the wrong place, at the wrong time.” Egorim said thinking a second, “Making a note, we should keep quiet about our plans in this city.” He opened the door for her the only nice thing he's done since joining the journey.
Lifting her head up, she had seen the empty tavern with a few drunks sparwled over the table trying to recover from last night. The in keeper had seen the two travelers. She said “What der you want?” A scraggly woman who's tattered stained apron showed how busy it had been the night before, “Two rooms Ma'am, if you have any left.” Zira nodded and the in keeper said “Oh one room not good enough for you two?” Blushing bright red and Egroim seemed nervous, “No, Ma'am it's not like that.” Seeing their nervousness, the in keeper said “Full price for two rooms, how many nights?” Egorim said before Zira could speak “A week Ma'am, hopefully.” Zira elbowed Egorim, she wasn't planning on staying a week, she was hopefully not going to need a full week. The Inkeeper raised an eyebrow, but obliged to Egorims offer handing them each their key, they both payed before they got the keys to ensure their visit was temporarily permanent. “Your's is up the stairs to the right, and you sir is across the hall from her's.”
Zirean made herway upsairs, with Egorim right behind her, she still felt betrayed from earlier not knowing where her creatures were. Even if it was for the best, he had no right to take them from her. Suddenly missing Jera by her side. She looked sadly at Egorim once reaching her room, he said “See you for dinner, we need all the gossip we can get.” Zira said nothing, and shut the door on him, locking it. Going to the simple room, there was a wash station, a bed, nightstand and a window. Going to the window, she opened it the cool air, and the storm had come while they were inside. She felt miserable, betrayed and worse hated her current companion. Setting her bag down on the bed, she then sat down, frustrated. Feeling the cooler air helped calm her down. Since she couldn't use magic within the city limits without either of them being caught she sighed. She'll have to study her scrolls until it was time to go downstairs.
Later that night
Going downstairs in the now busy tavern, they met up and ordered a meal, listening to the gossip. “Apparently our friend had been seen down near the center of the marketplace, only to be captured after the transaction had been made.” Egorim whispered, “What's the matter, listen your pets are fine, they are being protected by my Paaaann---friend. She won't harm a hair on their head. Promise. Now please eat or do you want me to baby you?” Egorim said with a not too obvious cocky smile. Zira giggled just a bit, but started eating anyway, and feeling better with real food instead of cheap travel food. “See wasn't I right,” Egorim said smiling “I went to the crime scene earlier today and found this, dose this mean anything to you?” He carefully handed Zira a piece of what looked like a shell of some sort, studying it carefully, and delicately. “No, I've never seen something like this, it looks like it was shattered, not hatched.” Zira said quietly, “We need to take this upstairs, too many prying eyes. I need to put this in a safe place.” Zira said putting her gold pieces on the table for the meal and getting up. Starting to turn around she bumped into a stocky well built man. “Oi, watch where yer going.” The man said “Sooorryy.” she said shakily, something about him seemed familiar, he had tattoos over his shoulders and probably weapons somewhere, the Tavern in-keeper wouldn't let them have them downstairs, only if they were leaving.
Seeing one of the tattoos on his shoulder quite clearly, as she walked around him her heart skipped a beat, fear now ringing in her ear. There were dozens of men, all linked to this one man. Some of the keys filled the spots. Grabbing Egorim's arm she walked up the stars quickly with him. Going to her room she let him go, and gently handed him the egg shell. “Pssttt, what's the matter.... Zira.” Egorim asked quietly raising an eyebrow behind her. Zira shook her head “Not here either, inside. Quick.” Egorim followed her inside. “I know what happened to our friend. You know who's down there?” Zira said quietly. Egorim shook his head quite clueless on the matter. “Gideon, like the Mercenary type, hunter type. Someone is paying him to hunt down Magi! And it's right here in this town! We will have to be super discrete.” Zira said, nearly in a panic.
Egorim had never seen her in such a frenzy. “Sounds like you've run into him before. I've never even heard of him, why is he resurfacing now?” Egorim asked curiously. “Because he isn't done yet. Not just with Alethin, no they are after someone else too. They are resurfacing because its a good price, what ever it is.” Zira said shakily, this plan was going to fail, a sudden thought popped into her head, what if they were the bait? So someone else could get the job done? A million questions were popping into her head. “Why dose this bother you so much? He's just a mercenary, he doesn't have reason to bother us if he doesn't think were Magi.” Egorim pointed out the logic, and he was right. They haven't been discovered.....yet. Both were on a time frame, and she wasn't sure how long they had left. This was only their first day. Calming down with these thoughts, Zira had a really bad thought, “What if the High mage, sent us here into a trap?” Egorim paused in examining the broken egg shell, “Nah, he wouldn't do that? Would he? Only to get one of us trapped instead?” Egorim asked, placing the egg shell on the nightstand, Zira had forgotten to close the window, but stopped when she looked out.

Seeing some of the Mercenaries below. “They used to raid our village, a long time ago. Killed my parents over money, and goods.” Zira clenched her fist on the window sill. “I'm Sorry Zira, we do need to focus on the mission of freeing Alethin though. We need to put our differences aside and focus on him.” Egorim said calmly, placing a hand on her shoulder and gently shutting the window, so no one would hear what they were saying. Espeically those mercenaries, who could hear anything in this town. Staring at them curiously, he should have a talk with one of them. “No, don't even think about it. If you asked any questions they could sense you a mile away. They probably already have.” Zira said quietly, she was starting to like Egorim, even if he was a suspicious character. “We have to get him out of that jail, no Magi deserves to be just thrown in jail for nothing.” Zira said honestly, Egorim said “We'll have to sneak in at night, it would be the only way.” He said going to sit on her bed, She grabbed her pack and said “I'm surprised these are still here and not comfensated but I have these.....” She pulled out several scrolls with seals on them.
Egorim raised an eyebrow and looked at her and she nodded and opened one. “They're breaking spells. They can break any object you chant the spell on, for instance the jail bars or chains.” Zira said her knowledge coming out. Egorim said “That's relatively brilliant! These don't seem that hard but it would be taxing on energy.....hmmmm..... I see only problem is, it's an arcane magic. That's high level stuff there.....I know I can't do it, I'm a fire mage. Unless you......” Egorim paused, it would be a heavy price, she wouldn't die, but her energy would be sapped for several days, “Oh no no no! You are not going to result in these spells, we'll try it my way first.” Egorim said stubbornly. “Your way? Unless you know how to pick locks, I don't think not having magic is going to be easy.” Zira said honestly. “I do know how to pick locks, and magic ones too, well some easy ones anyway.” Egorim said smiling. Being a fire mage had it's perks especially being a thief most of his young life. Thinking Zira said “Fine, we'll try it your way but if the Mercenaries are at our heads then it's going to be your fault.” Zira crossed her arms, and looked away for a second. Now frustrated once again, they've come to an impass but a logical one.
“Alright, if the last resort calls for this then we do it, but you are not going to use those spells unless its a last resort and it seems you can only use them once. So rest up, we have a lot of work to do in the afternoon.” Egorim said, honestly he could sleep this entire time away. However they needed to find the jail house, and it seemed the logical place would be in the center of the town or below it. “I'll search the city tomorrow while you rest here, if you have to do those spells you'll need rest.” He said with a slight smile, he got up and walked towards the doorway, “Egorim....Thanks for not giving up on me....” Zira said honestly, Egorim turned and smiled at her, “Thanks for a punch in the face, made me not want to give up on you.” Egorim said for a weird sense of humor. She threw her shoe at him on the way out. Shaking her head, it was more of a tease. They had a weird friendship. A distrusting one but a weird one too. Tomorrow night was the night that they would break their Magi out of Jail then find the culprit.
*later that evening
A hiss entered her ears as Zira walked the alleyway. A large jet black snake's shadow loomed over their figures as they walked the other direction. “Why would a snake be in the west? They only live in the south and nowhere else?” Zira asked quietly, Egorim shook his head and wondered the same thing, maybe it was a bad sign. He did remember seeing two cloaked figures among the mercenaries, but he wasn't sure if the events were related in any way. They continued to the next alleyway that would lead them to the center of town, Under cloaks, and armed, they themselves were ready for anything. Well almost anything. “What if that strange egg shell is linked with that snake?” Zira asked Egorim, “Possibly, but right now we need to stop talking.” Egorim said quietly, knowing her curiosity was peeked.
Nearing the the center of the city they remained quiet while they thought of the events that could take place. Barrels lined the alleyway, and other odds and ends. There across the alleyway lay the jail house door, back entrance. “Wait here, I'll scope it out.” Egorim said stepping in front of the barrels. The snake they saw earlier slithered across the front of the entrance. Hesitating since that snake was a lot bigger than he'd thought, there was only one group that owned those snakes. Egorim, waited and thought it was best to let it pass before it decided to attack.
After the snake passed, he walked towards the door, clearly locked he pulled out of his sleeve his two lock picking tools. Picking the lock, he thought it was pretty easy compared to other locks he'd done before. Strange for holding a simple magi. Egorim gently opened the doorway. Hearing the slight groan of the door he stopped and made sure no one was on the other side peeking through the opened part of the doorway. Sighing he waved Zira towards the door, she stood up after making sure the coast was clear and strapping her bow across her back, she gently walked over towards him. The snake they'd both seen earlier was nowhere in sight. She silently wondered who the snake had belonged too. They both walked in and there was a store room first that led to the jail cells. With the half moon lighting the window in the storage room they made their way without tripping over boxes of food. Rats scurried the window and shadows leaped about, startling Zira a bit. She backed a step, shadow's and darkness weren't her thing, that was for sure.
Though going through the second doorway, into the hallway of jail cells, torches were snuffed out. “Egorim, something's wrong.” Zira said quietly. He nodded to her always in front. Going to the first jail cell, Egorim shook his head and the next. The fourth one down, he stopped. The Jail cell was cracked open, and there was no one inside, “Zira, come here take a look. Seems like Alethin isn't here after all. We're too late.” Egorim said sternly, someone had gotten to him first and now Egorim wasn't too pleased with this. Looking around the jail cell Zira caught the scent of strong magic. Looking at the broken chains, at the cuff links a slithering snake emblem on each side. “We'd better get out of here, I think I know who broke Alethin free.” Zira said, having studied some variations of the clan's that were out there. Someone who was powerful enough to know ahead of time, that their friend was in prison.
Moments Later
They headed back to the room, she thought that she knew the answer, Egorim interrupted her thoughts, “Who let him free Zira, we can't go to the head Magi without answers, and we certainly can't go back to our Keeps without payment?” he said honestly, and he was right. “Not here, we don't know who's listening. We have to go back to the room. Though honestly it may be too late for that too.” Zira said quietly. “Look Zira, I need answer's, who set him free?” Egorim said stopping in his tracks. Zira stopped and turned around quietly pausing she finally said “The Dark Brotherhood....I don't know who set him free. But I know they were a member of The Dark Brotherhood.” Egorim, looked at her, he himself had been a member, but he wouldn't turn his back on her. Besides that was in the past. “I....might know someone in The Dark Brotherhood....who might be capable of such a thing.” He said embarrassed, Zira glared at him. “Go on, admit it, you wen't and rescued him without me.” She said, Egorim said, “No! I....” he paused and stared behind her blankly. A shadowed figure emerged and said “Enough! I will tell you what happened, and you two will come with me.” The figure then walked down the dark alleyway and led them to a building a long while later. The three seated themselves at a pub of the man's choosing. Ordering a drink for everyone even Zira which she declined, not being thirsty. The stranger, said “I know the man you seek and he is in safe hands with the clan that rescued him.” With the hood up they still had no idea who he was.
Egorim said thoughtfully, “How do we know , we can trust you? Where's your proof.” The man gently rolled up his right handed sleeve and on the bottom of his wrist was an emblem of The Dark Brotherhood. “Because, I was apart of the plan. For the most part Alethin, wanted to find new creatures for your ki---.” The man paused, whispering something, a shield raised up around the table, from what Zira could see. She reached out and touched the magic. It was so no one could hear exactly what they were saying, if they listened in all they would hear were rambled words. Clever, really. Impressed, he said to her “You like it, I can give you a copy of the spell when we are finished, if you'd like.” Zira nodded excitedly “Yes, please! Please go on about Alethin.” The stranger nodded under his hood, “Anyway, your friendly Magi, was found guilty breeding two creatures to create something new and dangerous. We should have known he'd try something eventually. So my kind are keeping him safe until such just means when this quiets down...”
The stranger poked his head up sharply, “Mercenaries?!” Zira looked quickly at the doorway, there were a few of them outside. Gideon must have been up to his usual tricks. “Yes, they were in The Sleeping Cat, Gideon, his clan is up to no good again.” Zira said quietly with clenched fists. “This changes things, he can sense magic a mile away. Which means Alethin is no longer safe, we will have to keep moving in order to avoid the Mercenaries.” The man said keeping his head low as to not draw attention to the table. Zira, did as well, the man would recognize her from bumping into him earlier. “Here....” The man pushed something over to Zira, the copy of the spell he promised. “What about the snake earlier?” Egorim asked curiously, “Oh, Niran never would hurt a fellow Magi, if you were a threat.....he'd eat you.” The Magi laughed a with a dark sense of humor. “Now, all you need to do is find out who sent the mercenaries, that set up Alethin. Good luck.” The Magi muttered and the spell lifted, which meant they would have to be careful of what they said.
Zira nodded to the Magi, and gripped the scroll, something she would have to learn later. Egorim got a mouthful of knowledge but no fight to show for it. Frowning, he watched the Magi leave, that clan was meant to be mysterious. Zira in no way was ready to face the Mercinaries themselves. “Egorim, you'll have to go on without me, I can't face them. After what they did to my village.....” Zira said quietly, it was after a Magi had scoped her up and sent her to what was now her home The Keep. Flashing back she watched as the Mercenaries went on their way.
“What if it wasn't a Mercenary? What if it was a Magi? Someone in the higher ranks?” Egorim said quietly as Zira adjusted to the mental block. She examined the scroll, it had the seal of The Dark Brotherhood.....and the Black Market's seal. Thinking Zira said “That would make sense! It would have to be a friend of Alethin, one that knew his routes, and camp sites.” Zira thought as Egorim drank his mead, and after he said “Didn't he have an apprentice for awhile? Learning all the tricks of the trades? What was his name???” Setting his glass down on the table, Zira nodded “He did, his nephew I think? I don't remember his name.... Bar....Bra...Bariston....I think....” She said quietly.

Luckily they were in the corner of the pub, as always... A comfortable spot. “He disappeared awhile ago, due to a serious condition right?” Egorim asked, “What would motivate him to put his uncle in Jail like that?” Zira shrugged unknowingly, “Don't know guess only the people close enough would know what his condition was. Look at this other seal? That looks familiar doesn't it?" She showed him the scroll, he examined the other part of the scroll. "Is this our friends seal? Why would they be working with him?" Egorim asked sitting back after looking at the scroll. "Why would that man hand you this and then take off with the lot of them at the doorway?" Zira shook her head.

There were too many questions she broke the seal on the scroll and it said "I'm fine my friends, this messenger has me in a safe spot outside of the city where I continue the journey. And here is the spell I promised attached to this letter.----A... Zira crumbled up the other letter and saved the spell, tucking it in her cloak. She handed the crumpled letter to Egorim, and he threw it in the fire next to their table in the back. It went straight in and burned. "So apparently they are already taking care of it. There is no use for us anymore...." Zira said with a grouchy face. "Hey doesn't mean we can't have our own adventures. Plus maybe we can still have other adventures!" Egorim said rubbing his hands together excitedly. "Fine but I still don't understand why all the security or trouble of going through all this and not getting anything out of it?" Zira asked him, and he answered "Maybe they were tipped off by another, and then sent to investigate, during the time he was in Jail. So The Dark Brotherhood intervened." Egorim said shaking his hands and not really sure himself. It was just a crazy theory anyway. Just to get it off of her mind. "Come on Zira what would you like to do next?" Egorim said finishing another glass of mead. Smiling a bit "Perhaps we could go on more adventures."Zira said honestly. Admitting that she wanted to they wanted more adventures.