Thoughts and Gold


Thoughts and Gold

Postby nyghtshadow » March 9th, 2019, 5:35:03 pm

(Let's have a bit of fun with this.)

A Magi stood thinking out-loud, she cared not for those that listened to her ramblings anyways. "Perhaps, we only get what we think is the truth? When, in reality, we are meant to look deeper into things. Or this is all a rouse to keep us busy while he has gotten himself into more trouble than he can chew and tries to get out of it. For all we know, it's simply nothing more than he's made an excuse to be gone longer than normal."

She almost grinned at her next thought, she'd made a habit of annoying the smuggler anyways and found it amusing when she could actually annoy him. "Or...We have simply all become a much bigger annoyance to him than it is worth for him to put up with."

She paced the path she was on, calmly patting her Fenrir. Strange bond the two had, they were very close. "Or ya know, he finally got caught. Who's to say? Perhaps nothing is true, we may not be able to trust anyone." She entertained this thought for awhile, causing several onlisteners to grow more curious. She had a way to entice anyone...A simple promise, a few words...All for naught...for them at least.

She grinned even more looking out towards them, "Or maybe, just maybe, it was someone who knew him. Maybe even one of his buyers. Sent a beast after him, or, you never know, it could've been...Me." She motioned her hand and her Fenrir's ears went back, stepping forward snarling openly. The people whom had gathered disbanded suddenly with terrified screaming.

She laughed, and patted the fenrir's head, "Nicely done bud! Lookie here, we even got some gold dropped. Looks like we made out quite well, though, i do hope he is ok, it's truly not a big concern, as i'm positive him and that darned stupid snake are alright." She heard the clanking of armor, "Time to go bud~!" With the dropped gold collected and the moon covered by a cloud, the two left, leaving only the symbol of a wolf on the ground, jaws open in a snarl. Burned into the ground by some fire magic. It was still hot when the guards got there.

She jogged beside her companion, "Perhaps he was simply paid off, possibly by Remy himself. Would not surprise me either way." She may actually have to begin to look into this more seriously, as this could cost her in the long run many of creatures she dearly adored.
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