It's-a-me~ *Redacted*


It's-a-me~ *Redacted*

Postby Reima » March 7th, 2019, 7:13:20 pm

Ah, yes, gather round my... acquaintances. Or, perhaps don't not so close at least, please, I do accept the warmth but I'd at least prefer to have some personal space. Yes.... There is quite right, you won't step on any of my (1500) dogs' tails or paws, I'd certainly get anyone in prison for that

*Excuse me as I take a moment to pet the pale furred Nikollus that's lazily leaning against my cozy chair, half blind fella just doesn't care too much as long as things stay under control*

Oh yeah, where was I? With my, less than graceful lazy Noir mock-up with no actual fantastical effort? Just a casual talk while we sit back next to the fireplace, shower thoughts without actual showers. Riiiight, so, you see, I'm a busy man, woman, an odd entity what have you. I got some exams to read to, meetings to attend. My time is limited, sweetie or muffin or ramen or some other food related nickname. Spaghetti? I like spaghetti. But that's besides the point - although spaghetti is long, usually, little edible rope, noodle, snake. Alethin has a foundness of snakes. We all know our buddy, good friend, an ally, on who risks his life doing what have you, probably avoiding the teeth of world eating wolves, flames of fiery beasts, runs away from wyverns... All to bring us creatures, so rare and unheard of that we might as well have thought those creatures be extinct. You know, how could you not like a man who helps you preserve a species and risks his life in doing so?
Maybe Alethin never tells you where he gets the eggs to prevent the natural source from being disturbed, so that the rare creatures may keep to their peaceful environments. Ever thought of that? While I enjoy some of these delicacies we all just simply know as 'candy', these thoughts come into mind.
Truly, Alethin likely has reasons as to why his work is so secretive
But what of the other shop keepers? Do we know much of them at all? Honestly, I'm a slow reader, I got a selective memory, I can't even remember the names of anyone but Alethin and Remy. Oh. And I can tell, there's at least one reason for us to know who the later is. Grumpy man, he should make something... less health hazardous. I personally, choose to not enjoy these... foul cocktails, but I still have to pay for them, oh, and even as I dispose of them in... some... other ways, let's just say (ahem, have you Seen the plants in the inn? Or ever wondered why the passed out feel drunk? The drunk horses wasn't my idea though, I did not drop my glasses into the drinking water of the pegasus, those glasses I handed off to someone else for free, no idea what happened to those) it's best we forget about that. The point is, man has enough money to buy the whole magi continent at this point. I bet his shop is the most visited overall.
And we know what shops do
They compete
When you catch wind of another great business blooming.... You try to destroy it
Remy did it. Ya'll, we have our man~~
Mammamia though, don't get as stirred as the milk in my glass, I've not had the time to check on most things for my silly little commentary, all I know is the two men have relations to each other and they don't seem to warm

Oi, though,my time is running and my fingers are freezing, mind if I take a break for a bit, perhaps even if not to gather my thoughts, to warm up my hands and read up on things a bit more. Having a bad blood circulation at the tips of ones body kinda sucks yo~


Alrighty~~ Break is over babies~ Babyes? Ladies? Cool people? Oh don't tell me ya'll went to freeze yourselves outside while I was stretching my legs! Humbug. .... Humming bug.. ..... That'd be so weird...
Shower thoughts aside! Throne Seat re-taken, I gaze down at my... Messy pile of notes. Controlled chaos if you may~
"Mmmm.... Ok, so..... By the word of Talyn, there's a certain 'person' going by the name Kaiden. Kaiden the suspected does tests with potions, likes it, he likes them tests and who knows, might as well test on if they'd be able to get a person in jail too. You can never know until you cross-examine!" Putting on the most 'see, I'm smart' -face, I put down the note only to pick up the next one, and another. "The Artificer shop is missing a snake ornament, that can apparently turn into keys." Insert a dramatic fisted hand opening and spreading out like an Arkai's tail, the fireworks, amazing. "Alethin likes snakes, is this the reason? Or a coincidence. Which came first, the Dismot or the egg? Mysterious, hmm hmmm."

Turning my head as I lay down the notes again, I spot a person who plenty of people have seen lately, parading their yet another handful of new eggs around with the most joy out of all I've seen this month.
"Look at this person, falling head over heels for these..." I move my hand in the air, making some circular shapes as I look around for the proper words. "Newly discovered mist- Myyyysteries of nature." What a flawless recovery. "Ahah was about to say Mist Stalker, haha, yeah" Flawless!! Admittedly still silently cursing under my breath "Mine just refused to give me any eggs damnit..... AH but Who Else to be of blame but the ever known Ammit gatherer, the shepherd themself, Faleep." Proudly tossing out yet another claim. "You know where I'm going with this." The more the merrier, One of these guesses Has To be right! He heheheh..... "Honestly you should just suspect everyone, everyone but me ; ) " Spoken half out loud while the most mischievous expression lays on this here amaze face right thar~~

{ I'm having a more carefree everyday look into the issue, just some non-native sitting on the side with their dog tsunami. The ambiguous lazy prick with a hidden huge mom-friend side
Also got an 'okay!' from Faleep <3 }
25/25 Gifts, Thank you all~
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