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"Under the Radar" A Black market Tale

PostPosted: March 4th, 2019, 8:07:25 pm
by deb
The Dark-hooded Magi, dressed in Bard colors, set up camp by the stream, sure to attract an audience of both young and old Magis to hear his tale. With nothing more than an open fire, a stiff cup Of Joe and a story to tell he waited. They came, bringing warm soups and stews, a gold piece or two, a usual Bards payment.

They spoke of Alethins capture and escape, complained about saving eggslots and gold for what was in all essence illegally obtained goods, creatures, and eggs from the Black Market.
Others complained they were not notified by Magistrate immediately, or at all. Tempers were rising, and fingers pointed at all involved.

Although he may be the best, Alethin was not the only Black Market racketeer that sold highly prized creatures and potions. The Black Market Underground was a very organized, far-reaching establishment, consisting of many layers. Those that bought and those that sold is the most integrated.
This so-called "Whodunit" was but a small roadblock in the Grand scheme of the Black Market.

"Aye, Fellow Magis, my story is simple, and I bring it to you from the Dark Underground of the Black Market. This controversy has set many imaginations uneasy, and ablaze, but it is a simple answer to fix your anxious minds at ease.
Believe nothing you hear and only half of what you see.
Before you or anyone reached that great Black Market wagon of Alethins on that Full moons day, an Accord was negotiated an agreement reached.
Alethin is a cunning and experienced smuggler. His reputation remains unequaled in the Black Market, a true Master at his craft. He could never be set up, but perhaps for a price, he may craft an elaborate scheme to appear to be unavailable.

Several Magi stood, agitated, exclaiming:
What about the clues? NPC comments? They speak the truth.

The bard poured another cup of hot coffee, sighing. The wolf appeared next to him, silently padding from the woods. He heard her voice in his head.
"You're losing them, tell them the truth; we must move on."

Aye Young Magis, they do speak the truth as they believe it, but in the Black Market Underground, there is no truth, just profit. Many friends and perhaps enemies have come forward, offering suggestions and theories. They play a part in the created controversy.
I, myself search for a man that may or may not have participated.

The Traveling Bard shuffled in his cloak at the nudging of the wolf, pulling out a Wanted scroll of Jeane Claude, one of the notorious Black market Rulers.

"Have you seen this man? He works at night."

Several Magi stood, pointing at the scroll.
Yes! I saw him in the shops! Creepy dude!
I saw him at Alethins wagon last Month! said another.

A figure, unmistakably Master Belmos, slammed the Keeps door and headed toward the now dwindling campfire of the presumed Traveling Bard.
The young Magi students scrambled, pointing at the now empty Bard colored clothes that lie dormant on the snow-covered hardened ground.
Master Belmos mumbled.

"Damn Bounty Hunters"