A Series of Possibly Illegal Events


A Series of Possibly Illegal Events

Postby Eonny » March 3rd, 2019, 12:25:27 am

Sorry about any misspelings, english is not my native language~

Time seems to drag in those last days. The air feels stale, but maybe it's just the tension you feel since finding that note.

It's strange, for all you knew Alethin's job was less than legal, you never even dreamed of him disappearing like that, you got so used to dealing with him that you became too confortable.
Maybe you both did.

Anxiety haven't left you since, and you've become somewhat paranoid, but a bit of danger never stopped you, did it? So of course you do the obvious thing and go looking for your friend right away. You begin with the obvious places; the local you used to meet with Alethin, all the small dubious inns that you know, the shops owned by mutual acquaintances...

You find nothing. Or close to that. There's half burned letters, whispers and rumors. There were mentions of love potions, you catch some shady folks talking about black snakes, and shadowed figures are disappearing in the alleys more frequently than usual.
No one knows anything, your direwolves can't find any trails. You have an annoying feeling that you may be approaching this the wrong way.

The feeling follows you as you enter yet another inn.
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