Alethin ESCAPED!


Alethin ESCAPED!

Postby bigeagle » March 1st, 2019, 11:39:11 am

The detaine Alethin, who was caught for smuggling illegal eggs, Dark Potions and other Dark and/or Black merchandise, reportedly escaped from Magistream Prison while the officers of the Magistream National Guard Force were distracted by protests to release him at the front gates of the prison.

Magistreams's National Guard Force said it has launched an investigation into the incident!

It comes after days of demonstrations against the arrest, which have left at least four people speculating on how to help in the release of Alethin and who was responsible for his arrest in the first place.

Speaking with "Magistream Newspaper", Chief Inspector Brizé said the prisoner had initially left his cells for a scheduled shower. Asked who gave them the tipp, when and where to catch Alethin weren´t comented by the Chief. Mr Brice added that barricades made by protesters had blocked Guard reinforcements sent from "The Keep".

He later refused to return to his cell, and took advantage while the Guards were distracted by a demonstration by protesters outside the prison and its adjoining police station.

How Alethin was able to escape the Prison however is still a mystery. Hopefully said mystery will be cleared up sometime soon.
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Re: Alethin ESCAPED!

Postby Wolfjem » March 1st, 2019, 12:28:54 pm

Alethin was found stealing from a pile of Direwolf eggs. Remy had found him doing so and had captured him. To protect the Direwolf secrets, Remy claimed that he was attempting to steal from his shop and sure enough there was evidence of a stolen map and tiny red hairs.

Alethin protested that he was never even near the shop and was prowling the woods for a client who had given him a location and requested Direwolf eggs. Now the investigators were quite confused, but they had imprisoned Alethin anyways for inclusion in a possibly illegal plan.

Unfortunately, Alethin refused to tell who his client was, claiming that his life depended on it. All the investigators had were small red hairs. Who could have stolen the scroll?

The investigators called for several magi to bring in their pets with red fur or hair. This is where I came in with several of my magi as well. With me were four Sintervos, Russel the Savannah Serpaen, Flash, the Hellhound, Flame the Kitsune, Chesnut the red Avrael, Rooke the Etainain Alphyn, and several others. Flash and Flame lagged behind in worry as one Sintervos, Red, tired to cheer the two ladies up. She began to lag behind in her attempts as well.

I, and several other magi, presented our pets to the investigators. Little by little, pet species were disqualified from the search for the species of the hair's owner. Russel let out a deep sigh of relief as his species was passed. Flash and Flame let out yips of joy as their species were crossed off from the list. Rooke somehow let out a rumble that was close to a purr when his species was passed in favor of checking the others. I thought our little presentation was over when an investigator let out a cheer. Red and her father Todd were inching away as the hairs were indeed to be confirmed to be Sintervos hairs. The other two Sintervos, Vixen and Crimson, were submissive and scared, but stood still.

My records were clean at least and the investigators looked up a list of all current Sintervos owners. Don't ask me how, but they did it. I'm not truly that familiar with magic scrolls. I went home in relief that I do not know of the location of the Direwolves. I'm probably not going to ever ask him.

Unfortunately, Alethin escaped shortly after, leaving a note in the alleyway as he left for hiding. Eventually, it was found out that a young man, name unknown, had been captured when he had the map in his possession and two pet Sintervos. He claimed that he wanted to take over with the largest Direwolf pack in existence, but Alethin failed to steal even the first batch!

The young man had been arrested with murder threats, illegal ownership of Direwolves, stealing, pet abuse, and hiring of mercenaries. Alethin may be nowhere to be found, but the investigators had found the true culprit of the stealing of the DIrewolf eggs.
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