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Black Market Mystery: Memoria

PostPosted: February 28th, 2019, 6:18:21 pm
by pureshadowdragon
Hello, I worked on this last night and I am sorry if there are any mistakes. I did this from my phone and I am also a terrible writer. I will fixed or even add whenever I get a chance, but thanks so much for reading.

Also, I got the parchment from an image free site and then I edited it in PicsArt for Alethin's note.


Part 1: Lost Memories

Darkness. All there was sound to be heard and nothing to be seen…

Until, there was a light and deep feeling of coldness washed over. ‘Why was it so cold? Why is there suddenly a bright light?’ The voice thought to itself before it slowly open their eyes and was staring at their blurry hand...well, actually her hand. She felt something laying on her chest and it very heavy and cold. She turned her head as she saw a black and blue figure and a white figure laying upon her bosom. She tried to concentrate on the small figures as her eyes slowly begin to adjust until the figures became clear as day.

Two small hatchling dragons laid upon her chest as both of them stared up at her and stared into her eyes. One of the dragons, that was white as snow moved closer to her and paced it’s nose against her’s as it stared into her eyes. The woman couldn’t resist reaching up and petting the top of the hatchling’s head. It let out a small catlike purr that brought a small to her face.” Ow,” she jerked her hand away as she glared over at the darker version of the white dragon when it hand wack her hand away with it’s tail as it seemed to be glaring at her. “Alright, I will pet you, too. There was no reason for you to hit me.”

She reached over with her other hand and ran it over the cold scales of the head of the dragon. “I wonder why you two are out here alone. Where is your mother? You two shouldn’t be out here alone.” She watched as the two dragons glanced at each other as if they were silently exchanging something between each other. “I wish I could understand you then maybe you can tell me how I got here and why I am laying out in the middle of the forest. I doubt you guys can tell me who I am or to tell me how I lost all of my memories anyways.”

“Pure!” She turned her attention away from the dragons when she heard someone calling for someone’s name over and over again. “I wonder who they are looking for? I hope they find them.”

“Pure, there you are!” A male voice came from above her and she jerked her head up to see a man riding a rainbow like bird. He landed the bird near her and jumped off the gaint bird and started to walk towards her. He crossed his arms as he glared at her angerly before he started to scold her. “Where have you been? I have been looking for you all morning when I saw you messing from the inn. I even missed breakfast and we already missed our boat back to Arkene. What gave you the idea to go running off like that? You better have a good excuse this time.”

“Wait, I think you are sadly mistaken.” What even was this guy talking about? Who was this guy? Did she even know him? Apparently, he was calling her Pure, but that couldn’t be her name right? After all, this guy could be just a random stranger just playing it off as if he knew her, but what if he did know her? He might be the key to getting her memories back so she had to take a chance. She sat up before she answered him again. “I am sorry, I don’t know who you are...and to be honest, I didn’t even know who I am. So I don’t know if I am this Pure person you are looking for.”

“Pure, you have to be joking.” The man looked into her eyes and she was pretty sure he thought she was joking, but then his face turned into a look of concern. “I am Caleten, remember? You gave me the nickname bird brains and I would tease you back by calling you princess and you always hated being called princess. You saved my life from almost drowning once when we were teenagers. Since that incident, we became traveling buddies and best friends. Don’t you remember when I flirt with a another magi and it turned out he had poison my drink and you stopped me from drinking it then switch the drinks without him noticing? If it hadn’t been for you I would have almost died. Also, that time we had a prank war...remember how angry I was at you for cutting my hair while I was asleep and I woke up completely bald? Please tell me that you remember any of that?”

Pure shook her head gently before giving Caleten a sad look. “I am sorry, I really wish I remember you, but I honestly don’t.” she apologized.

“At least, tell me that you remember Iristen and Laierna?” He said.

“I am sorry, who?” She asked.

Caleten let out a sigh and pointed towards the white dragon that was now laying on her lap. “Iristen is your White Ice Dragon hatchling...” He went other and pointed towards the black dragon next to her. “...and Laierna is your Black Ice Dragon that you have raised from eggs. They are quite attach to you as you are with them.”

Pure looked down at the dragons as they stared up at her. “I am sorry, but I honestly don’t remember them. I was actually thought they were just here to keep me company until their mama showed up or something similar to that.” she said.

“This is bad,” Caleten said as she watched him heading towards his Puva and climbing onto his back before he turned and looked at her. “Come with me, we are going to see Alethin.”

“Alethin?” Pure asked as she stood up as both of her dragons climb onto her shoulder. “Who is Alethin?”

“Alethin is the Black Market dealer. He runs a shady business, but there is a chance he might have a memory potion out of anyone I know.” Caleten explained.

Pure seemed uncertain, but she needed her memories back. This could be her only chance to discover what had happen to her and who she was. “Alright, but if we get caught doing shady business, I am tripping you so that way the guards are busy with you and I can make my escape.” She said before climbing onto the back of the bird and wrapping her arms around Caleten.

She watched as her friend started to coax the Puva gently before they took off into the sky. She looked around amazed at how high they were. She couldn’t help to smile as she took in the beautiful scenery that they were flying over. She felt her heart fill with joy as the wind blew her long, brown hair. “It is so beautiful up here.” she said.

“That it is,” Caleten said with a chuckle. “Nothing beats flying. Well, expect for gorgeous men.”

“Why do I get this feeling that you say that a lot?” She asked.

“Because I do.” He chuckled. “Normally, you would playfully smack my arm and threaten to drown me in the river or something.”

“Did I really say or do that?” She asked.

“Yes, but that is how we teased each other...I guess I should have asked, but maybe I did and I forgot...but do you remember how you lost your memories?”

“No, I just woke up in the forest alone and with no memories. My head doesn’t hurt so I couldn’t have fell and hit it.” She said gently. “I remember being surround by darkness and remembering feeling very cold, but that was it.”

“That is strange, but there could be a chance that maybe a magi used some magic or a potion to do that to you, but I guess we will have to wait until you regain them back.” Caleten whispered. “Ah, there is Alethin’s cart now.”

Pure glanced over and watched them circle the cart before they landed near it. Caleten was the first to exit off of his partner before she jumped down. She looked around to see if anyone was around, but the place seemed deserted. Something, felt off to her so she made her way other to the cart. She looked inside and noticed there was a snake in there. “Caleten, I don’t see see him anywhere, but there is a snake inside the cart,” she said.

“Adela? She would never leave Alethin’s side since they are bonded.” Caleten said as he looked around the cart before he found a piece of parchment under the wheel of the cart and pulled it out. His eyes glanced over it before he held it out to her.

She walked over and took the piece of parchment from Caleten’s hand gently before she begin to read the message. The message said:


“Looks like we will be doing a prison break well.” Caleten said.

“What is your plan then?” She wasn’t too certain about this, but if saving him meant getting her memories back then so be it. She would deal with the consequences later on. “So what is the plan?”

“My plan is that I will go in disguised as a guard. Once inside the jail, I will set off a large explosion to distract the guards. I will free Alethin and he and I will run to you, as you wait on my Puva here, and you will fly us away.” He said.

“What happens if that plan doesn’t work?” Pure was uncertain this would work. This seemed too simple and too easy for this to actually work. “Then what do we do then?”

“You will run away, of course.” Caleten said. “But I am sure this will have to trust me.”

“Alright, fine,” She said with a sigh as she couldn’t believe she was agreeing to this.

“Great, let’s go get the supplies we need and then we will set our great plan into use.” She watched Caleten climb aboard his companion. She couldn’t stop herself sighing one last time before she followed him and climbed on top of the puva. She wrapped her arms around him before they took off to the sky as they left the cart and Adela behind to go save their master.

Part Two: Discovery

Pure heard the explosion go off and looked towards the direction of the prison. She was sitting on top of Caleten’s puva nearby as she waited for Caleten to complete his mission to save the Black Market’s shopkeeper. She sent a silent plea that everything was going okay inside of there. She kept her eyes peeled as she looked for any sign of Caleten coming her way. She petted her dragon companion’s for comfort until she spotted her friend running from the prison with guards chasing after him, but no Alethin. Where was Alethin? Did the plan failed or...she couldn’t waste anymore time by sitting here and just thinking. She had to save her friend while she had the chance. She coaxed the Puva into flight before she led it to fly next to her master. She held out her hand to Caleten. “Take my hand.”

Once Caleten grabbed a hold of her hand, she pulled him aboard his feather companon before having her fly off away from the guards. She waited until she knew they were safe and when her friend caught his breath before she finally spoke. “What happened in there?” she asked “Where is Alethin?”

“Well, everything went according to plan, but Alethin had other plans. Once I freed him, he gave me the memory potion and just least the man was kind enough to give me what we needed, but he is a jerk for leaving me in there for the guards to come after.” Caleton mumbled. “Anyways, land down there in the woods. We should be safe enough so you can take the potion.”

“Alright,” She said.

Once they safely landed down, another note appeared and floated down in front of Pure. She begin to read it aloud for Caleten to hear.


She looked over at her friend. “Seems like Alethin is asking for his customers help to find out who set him up.” She said as she watched the note smoke and burst into flames. “Should we help him again?”

“Let’s worry about you getting your memories back first before we do anything else or make any other decisions.” Caleten said before he pulled a vile from his pocket and hand it to her.

“You are right,” She took the vile before poping the cork off it. She made a face as an awful smell hit her nose. She pinch her nose so that way she wouldn’t vomit up the potion. She looked up at her friend and cheers to him. “Bottoms up.”

She brought the vile to her lips as she drink the contents until it was all gone. She dropped the vile and didn’t even hear it shattered as memories rushed back at her. She remembered everything. She remembered who she was and what happened to her. Most importantly, she remembered that she was the one who set Alethin up. She was the one that led the guards to him and if anyone find out, she could get into serious trouble from Alethin’s loyal followers and from Alethin himself. The real question though was who hired her to get Alethin in trouble? Who was this person? Why did they take away her memories? Were the expecting her to fall for them? If so, they had another thing coming, for she will find out who they were and put them in the blame instead, but first she had to find them and take the blame off herself, however, she just had a plan in mind.

Pure couldn’t help, but to smirk before she turned and looked at her friend. “Looks like we will be playing in Alethin’s little game after all.” she said.

(To be continued…)

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by pureshadowdragon
Part Three: Mystery Solved

Pure was sitting at the bar when Caleten came over carrying them their drinks. She waited for him to be seated before she finally spoke. “Well, what did you find out?” she asked.

Caleten hand out her drink to her before he picked up his own and took a sip of it. “Well, I talked to Talyn. He had some interesting information to give out…” He said. “Before I tell you what he told me, what did you do to him? Why wasn’t he willing to talk with you around?”

“He and I got in a misunderstanding once. It is a personal matter to of which I would rather not talk about.” She whispered gently. “Please, tell me what you found out.”

“Alright, but you can trust me with anything. I won’t force you to talk about it, but I just want you to know that I am here for you.” He said.

Pure couldn’t help but to smile at that. “Thanks Caleten.” she said.

“No problem,” He said with a smile as well. “Anyways, apparently, a certain pet of Alethin’s is making appearances in a lot of areas so Alethin might already know who did it, but we can’t be for certain. Adela was even in Talyn’s room. Two guards even said they saw a black snake slithering towards the Keep’s garden and keeps making a lot of appearances.”

This wasn’t good. Alethin might already figured out it was her that sold him out. She needed to find out who hired her before she had a witch hunt on her head. “Was there anything else?” she asked.

“Yes, when I went to the Artificer, I found a black scale on a empty shelf. I asked the shopkeeper what used to be on the shelf and they told me that an old prototype of a small snake used to sit there. Apparently, this contraction could turn into several keys under the right conditions so I am thinking that Alethin got it just in case he was captured again.” He said. “Also, I forgot to say that Talyn also said that there was a big cobra that appeared Kaiden Featherstone’s place. He believes that Alethin might be trying to take potions from him and Kaiden asked him to dump it since he never leaves him room. Since that was the last sighting, I would speak to Kaiden first if I was you. He might have more information that we need.”

“Prefect, I will speak to Kaiden and then try to find Alethin so I can speak with him as well.” Pure said. “However, I need you to stay here to find out more information for me. A lot of the magi still believe that it is Remi and even Talyn still. I want you to be my little spy here just in case anything happens.”

“Alright, but used your whistle if you need me.” Caleten pointed to the blue, stone like whistle hanging from her neck. “I can’t risk you getting captured or hurt, can we?”

“Same goes for you,” She leaned down and kissed his cheek gently before taking her two dragon companions into her arms. She told her friend goodbye and wished him luck before leaving the cabin to head straight for Kaiden’s lab.


She finally reacted the lab around night fall. Pure hadn’t been here since that time Mr. Featherstone taught her the spell that could bring a snowman or snow creature to life, during the Winter Solstice. The man may be a hermit, but he had a brilliant mind and he was a lot of fun to be around. She smiled at the many memories she had with the man during that time before she shook her head and walked towards the door before knocking on it gently. She took a step back and waited patiently for the man to answer the door.

The door opened to reveal Kaiden behind it with a smile on his face. “Pure, I have been expecting you.” He said. “Please, come on in.”

“You have?” Her eyebrow raised before she took a step inside.

“Yes, a little birdie told me you were coming this way.” He said before he walked over and took a seat in his chair. “However, I am afraid you came all this way here for nothing.”

“Why is that?” She asked out in curiosity. “And who is your little birdie that told you that I was coming?”

“That isn’t important right now, but I can tell you that you won’t find what you are looking for here.” He said. “The one who has the answers you are looking for is Alethin.”

Pure could feel dread wash over her, but if Alethin had the answers she seek then she had to face him. Even if it meant she would die, but first she still had a very important question to asked Mr. Featherstone. “Talyn said that you had him throw away some potions for him after you told him you saw a giant cobra. Why was that?” she asked.

“The potions turned out to be bad and since I didn’t want to leave my home I had Talyn to take care of them for me.” he said. “And before you ask, yes, Alethin was here. He bought some potions from me and the reason why he had his snake snoop around was to make sure there wasn’t any guards around. That is what he told me anyways.”

“What kind of potions did he buy?” She asked.

“That is between me and him,” He said before he reached into his pocket and pulled out a piece of parchment. He handed it over to Pure. “He is waiting.”

Pure took the piece of folded up paper and started to read it.


She looked up at Kaiden before she let out a sigh. She had a feeling that she was going to die. Alethin had to know by how he knew more than she. What bug her the most was the fact that he knew where she had woken up at. The only person that would have know that was her, Caleten, and the person who hired her and took her memories. Nothing was making sense to her and she just hoped Alethin would share what he knew before he kills her.

She placed the parchment into her pocket before she gave Kaiden a gentle smile. “Thanks for everything, Kaiden.” she said. “Maybe we will meet again one of these days.”

She didn’t wait for a response and left the house to meet her end. She should leave a note for Caleten to at least say her final goodbye. She pulled out a quill and an empty piece of parchment from her pocket. She wrote him her final goodbye and tied the piece of paper around Iristen’s paw gently so that way it wouldn’t hurt him. She petted her dragon’s heads one last time. “I am sure going to miss you both. Just take care of Caleten for me.” she whispered as she watched the dragons cuddle against her a whimpered. She gave them a gently smile before she started walking again to her next destination.


Pure didn’t arrived until the very next day. She noticed a figure in a hood standing there with his back to her. She took a deep breath before she spoke, but she couldn’t hide the nervous in her voice.”Hello Alethin,” she said gently.

The man turned around and pulled the hood down and smiled at her. “Hello my dear, I was thinking you were not even going to come.” he said. “I was about to send a search party for you.”

“I am sorry, but the distance from Kaiden’s lab to here took longer than I expected.” She whispered.

“That is alright, besides, I bet you were dragging your feet here,” Alethin begin to circle her and he looked like a snake getting ready to strike his prey at any moment. “Because we both know that you were the one that set me up.”

Pure’s worst fears had been heard.He knew she had did it and she knew for a fact she was definitely going to die. There was no way she could stop this now. Plus, she never got to even put her plan into action to place blame on the one who hired her. She had to pay for her consequences and the only thing she could do was tell the man the truth. She closed her eyes before she opened them as she watch Alethin continuing to circle her before she spoke again. “Yes, it was me. I don’t remember why I did it, but I remembered I was hired by someone and that they took my memories and I think they did so that way they could pass the blame onto me. I don’t remember who had hired me, but I was trying to solve who it was so that way I could have switch the blame to them. However, I am too late as it seems.” She whispered. “I know you don’t believe me…so I am ready for you to kill me or punished me as you seem fit.”

Ah, my dearest Pure,” Alethin walked over to her and touch her cheek gently and forced her to looked at him “I would never kill you nor shall I punished you.”

Pure was really confused now. “Why?” she asked.

“Because I was the one that hired you.” Alethin pulled away once he noticed the complete shock on her face. “Before you asked why, I needed to test out a new memory potion and you volunteer. You don’t remember, but you were my assistant. You always helped me hunt for rare potions, and basically anything I need for my shop by any means necessary. Anyways, you and I came up with this idea to get more customers to my shop....a mystery scavenger hunt if you will. You came up with the idea of me being captured by the guards and then have the customers try to find out who sold me out. You even picked out the prizes for the winners and even picked out the prizes for those who participated. The other part of the plan was that you tell the guards where I was and you come meet me in the woods so that way I could give you the potion to erase what happen so the guards couldn’t used a truth serum on you. Everything went to plan until I gave you the potion. You fell to the ground and was having a really bad reaction to it. You were having a seizure and I tried to go get help, but the guards caught me by then. I was praying you didn’t die and that Caleten would find you. I was relieved when I saw you with Caleten alive and healthy.”

Pure was at lost for words. She didn’t know if she should believe him or not, but she had this feeling that he wasn’t lying. Besides, the man was captured and the guards did know his cart was. If he wasn’t careful he could be captured again. “That was the most stupidest plan I ever heard of. What were we thinking?” She joked, but then paused. “So Caleten was apart of this? Also, why did you continued with the scavenger hunt?”

“Yes, Caleten never leaves your side...even when it comes to questionable things.” Alethin said.
“That would be true.” Pure said. “It also explains why he didn’t question why I suddenly wanted to join the hunt.”

“Now for your other question.” He said. “I continued the scavenger hunt, because I thought I killed you and that I could continue it in your memory. However, then you turned out to be alive, but since you didn’t remember anything I figured I should keep it going for you. Plus, the other magi seemed to be having fun with the little game. I couldn’t end it on them so suddenly.”

“My last and final question...will I ever get the rest of my memories back?” Pure asked.

“Of course, I have Kaiden working on something for you now, but we have to be patient. It will take some time for it to be made.” He said. “So we should hang low for a while and come up with a new route for us to travel.”

“Sounds good, but a question that pop up in my mind just now. How do we decide the winner of the hunt?” Pure asked.

“Talyn and Kaiden said they would take the blame. Once the contestants give me their clues and blames one of them I would give them the prize regardless.” Alethin explained. “Anyways, let’s head back home. I am sure Caleten is worried sick about you.”

Pure laughed. “I am sure he is...that or he is already flirting with someone and getting his butt kick.” She said before she smiled. “Thank you, Alethin.”

“I honestly don’t deserve thanks.” Alethin said. “Not yet at least. Not until you get all of your memories back.”

He placed his hand on her shoulder. “Let’s go,” He said before he lead her back towards home to end this adventure for the day until the next starts.

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by pureshadowdragon
(It is finally finished. I was planning on waiting for notes, but decided to do something different. I debating if I will write another part to this, but I probably won't. Just in case I am going to reserved this part here. I hope you goes enjoyed reading this. This turned out to be eleven pages long and I am quite proud of myself. I might not win, but this was fun writing though I did have trouble in doing the introduction. It was still fun nonetheless. ^^)