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CatMagics's Entry

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PART I: Discovery

"Alethin's missing?" I asked incredulously. My companion nodded solemnly, but flickers of a mischievous smile still lingered on her face, so I straightened up, took my cloak, then opened the door into the chilly night. The black cat meowed plaintively, or maybe indignantly, beside me. She was afraid of the dark and hated the cold, but followed me out anyway, to justify herself.

Shaking her pelt, she rushed ahead of me, jumping up and down eagerly. One more turn, and we'd arrive. And sure enough, Alethin wasn't there. Instead, there was a note on the snake. Aloud, I said, "What the...?" as I read the text. At first, I considered freaking out or panicking. The cat was looking at be expectantly, knowing how much I loved to buy from the black market. I swatted her away, and she cackled, hopping around on one foot in a little dance, her tongue sticking out playfully.

"...Love Potions. Got caught. he thinks this is funny.
...knew they were illegal."

"Someone else must know something about this," I conceded, scooping my squealing kitten up and leaving. I stopped first at a huge building labeled FORUM, then entered. Inside, I entered the door that I knew was the black market discussion. I didn't find anything, apart from theories of the other users, but realized how many are on Alethin's side. Some concocted plans to help him escape prison. Others had been mortified or confused, as I was. I would have stayed to listen in on more conversations if only the little black trickster didn't keep falling in people's drinks or chewing on hair.

To avoid more trouble, I quickly set on my way home, black cat trailing at my boots. In my keep, there were heaps and piles of furry cats. Mothers were licking their children affectionately, while the older kittens were playing and catching mice to eat. I'm so fond of cats, I collected dozens of them. It's the reason why I'm so awfully intrigued about things such as a missing Alethin. After all, curiosity killed the cat, didn't it?

Part II: The Escape

I followed with the group, blending into the crowd easily. My darkest cloak was draped over me, hood concealing my eyes. My black kitten wrapped herself around my neck like a scarf, her eyes glowing in the dim light of the candles. I always keep her with me. Even though she always seems to be stealing something, she was weaker than the other winged cats because she was born with no wings, and for that I favor her. "Meow," she mewed meekly as I patted her little head, and as we made our way closer and closer to spewing real trouble.

The people who broke Alethin out of prison is no big secret to most of us. In fact, the people who broke Alethin out of prison was us, the users of Magistream who were big fans of the black market. No one notice me slip in too, just assumed someone invited me along, or paid me no mind. It was a big group too, almost enough people to take on anyone who got in our way.

This was the reason why everyone was doing this:

"...planning my escape.
Someone must have figured out ... route.
...reaching out to all my ...
... may lay low for a while."

I was not sure what the plan was, but I noticed a few of the people there slinked off into the darker parts of the path. Taking another route? Was this supposed to happen? I follow the ones who went off anyway, trying to catch up. Whatever they were doing, they sure were in a hurry...

Oh! I heard a crackle. Are those torches? Yes, the other, bigger group I had just split from were shaking fire and yelling. A riot! And not only that, but a distraction. The people in my current group worked away at the lock from the back of the prison. I'm not sure where they got the lock picks, but they seemed to work. Within moments, the group came back out of the building with a dusty-faced Alethin in tow.

"Hurry!" someone hissed, jerking me backward in surprise. They grabbed my arm and pulled me along, saying something like, "Spotted! We've been spotted!" Some people took out crowbars. Probably if the lock picks failed, but these also made great weapons. We rushed back into the safety and cover of the trees. I took one last glance behind me before the other group's fire extinguished.

Made it out in one piece, at least.

PART III: Solved

Everyone's talking about this in the FORUMs now.

"If you are a worthwhile customer my previous messages should have reached you, and you already know what is going on, but in case this is not so, let me bring you up to date.

Someone, somewhere, found out my route and set me up. I have reached out to my friends and enemies looking for information on who it might have been and how they managed to do this. As I have previously provided you with wares you would not have been able to acquire otherwise, I'm now calling in that favour and require you to assist me in figuring things out. I will reward generously anyone who has any leads on the matter.


I know someone set him up. But who would do such a thing? If all of the Magistream players adored him, who would expose our beloved Alethin? It was so obvious.

I creeped over to my favorite black kitty. She was playing tricks on her brother, but I snatched her and quickly ran into another room, shutting the door behind me. Slowly, I asked her, "Did you set Alethin up?" She refused to look me in the eye. Disappointment hardened inside of me, but at least I found my culprit. All of this was just a prank. Now it's time for the whole world to know.
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