Creature - Sand Lion

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Creature - Sand Lion

Postby AssassinsCreed » March 31st, 2016, 5:05:17 pm


Appearance: This creatures are small - the biggest ones have their nose on a mages knee level - and very curious. They live in small groups in areas that are hot and plain; their thick fur is keeping them even warmer keeping away any chill that may come after rain. Their big ears makes them experts at hearing enemys approaching from the distance long before they are seen helping this harmless and peaceful creature to survive.

They are called Sand Lions due to their thick mane and sand coloured fur; their dark spots varies in sizes and ammount. Some sand lions have barely any at all or none at all while other can be covered with them from nose to paws.

Lifestyle: When the weather is hot and the sun is beaming its warmth Sand Lions are often seen lying on the ground and enjoying the heat not bothered by the heat at all. The warmer the weather the more active this creatures are. They drink water frequently during this season and live mostly on eating squirrels and mouses, but even eatable fruits. The sunbaths are their way of keeping their boiling magical water inside them warm and boiling. The warmer the creatures water are the more powerful they are. Despite being very friendly and curious about new people and animals a hit with a boiling water orb is a very unpleasant not to mention hurtful business.

Sand lions are capable of creating orbs of hot,boiling water. When the rain comes and the warmth is going down Sand Lions are often seen going around with their mouth open, with the orb of boiling water hovering between its teeth. They do this to give themselves extra warmth during the colder times but this also effectively weaken their magic and their strength.

The group of this little cuddly things are living on ground level in a cave or any other area where they can shelter themself from harm and rain. Most groups of this small lions are made of 4-6 lions; there dosent seem to be any special hierarchy or "laws"; most of this creatures take care of themself. Only females with pup and the offspring are heavily protected and always with one of the strongest members always nearby in case of a predator attack.

Magic: Sand Lions use their boiling magic water to keep themself and the group warm under colder seasons but also to - if needed - attack any predators that come close.
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Re: Creature - Sand Lion

Postby Firebird » April 1st, 2016, 3:34:59 pm

aww I want a Sandlion
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