Bitochik - An Ukrain Schnitzel

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Bitochik - An Ukrain Schnitzel

Postby Wentura » February 29th, 2016, 5:13:37 pm

Bitochik are something like ukrain schnitzel (maybe you heared of).
A Schnitzel is meat, usally pork or turkery in a breadcrumb - egg coating.
A Bitochik is meat usally pork or turkery in an egg - flour coating.
This recept is a very special one, because only my family makes it this way. It all started with my great grandmother, because she used semolina instead of flour. This makes a hole different tast and the meat is softer an juicier.
So this is what you need for two persons:

- 2 pieces of pork meat (or turkey). Of you take pork, take a pork chop with bone, it is the yummiest.
- 3-4 Eggs
- semolina (not much, maybe 4 big spoons)
- salt
- any garnish (potato is the best, thats the way Ukrainians eat it :D )
Thats all, so it is quite simple :)

Thats how to make it:

Prepare your garnish the way it should be. Meanwhile make the meat:

1.Heat up your pan an middle heat.
2. Wash the meat and dap it gently with an kitchen towel, it has to be still moist. (both pieces of meat)
3. Tenderize the meat mith a sharp knife or a hammer. (both)
4. Salt it the way you like. (both)
5. Put the still moist(!) meat (if not make it moist, but not wet, with water) onto the semolina. All of your meat should be covered with semolina. (both)
6. Scramble your eggs and add a little bit salt to it.
7. Pull your semolina covered meat through the scrambled eggs. The semolina sockes up the eggs, so your meat should be coverd with a thick layer of egg. (one)
8. Put it into your pan instantly.
9. Repeat 7. for the other meat piece.
10. When both pieces of meat are on the pan, scrable the left over eggs and semolina and pour the mix onto the meat.
11. Cook the meat at middle heat, till it is cooked.
12. Serve with your garnish.

That's it :D

Here is a picture of it:

Here it is served with potato puree and cherry tomatoes.
I am at a new place, so I did not new the cooker, and it burned me the eggs a little x3

I read only now, that on the photo should be my username, but I already ate it up xD
So I made a photo on the same spot with the same dishes to prove it was me :bounce:
Hope it will count

Thank you very much for reading it, I hope you will try it because it is the yummiest way to make pork :D
Presents 25/25 Thank you :3
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