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Apple Dessert

Postby Real » February 13th, 2016, 6:29:27 pm

Starting with it's name, in original: "Prăjitură cu mere"
I had to go with apple dessert as there is no equivalent in translation for the word "prăjitură" - it's not a pie, cake or cookie. From what I know it's the sort of a sweet thing that only people in the Balkan area + Turkey, bake; but I might be wrong.

Ingredients used:
apples - half a kilo/1 kilo; this really depends on how much 'filling' you want
milk - 9 table spoons
sugar - 9 table spoons
cooking oil - 9 table spoons
eggs - 2
baking powder - here it comes in small packages; but if you don't have them like that, 10 grams would suffice
flour - 250 grams; give or take, considering the case
semolina - very, very little

backing tray
rolling pin

How to prepare:
You mix everything besides the apples in a large bowl. Spoon or hand - whichever way you prefer. The flour is added as it goes, not all at the same time. Once the mixture becomes 'sticky' - as in, it sticks together, you put it on your table - if you have a wooden board, it would be recommended to use that - and you knead it.
After kneading it nicely you separate the dough in two halves. You spread them with the rolling pin and put one of them in the baking tray. Make sure to put some flour all over the tray so the dough won't stick as it bakes. After the first half of dough put some semolina over it, so it'll absorb the apple's juice.

Now for the apples. Peel them. Once that's done, grate them. Make sure you don't have any seeds in there though. You can do whatever you want with the juice that's left behind. I prefer drinking it.

Put the grated apples in the tray on the dough. Add some more semolina. Now you add some sugar over it and cinnamon - there's no recommended quantity for this. It really depends on your taste. The dessert can turn out sweet or a little sour, depending on your taste.

Now you put the second half of the dough over them, as a cover. With a fork 'stab' the dough in different places so the air could get in and out.

The entire dessert is ready to be put in the oven now. It pretty much depends on your oven, but I leave it to bake for 50 minutes to 1 hour at 50 degrees Celsius. (no idea how much that is in Fahrenheit, sorry)

When ready, take it out and leave it to cool down a little. You can eat it as it is, or put some caster sugar or whipped cream on top of it. I personally prefer caster sugar.

Bon appetite, if you wish to try making it. It's really good.

And the photos:
(just so you know, it tastes so much better than it looks)
by Saebra
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Re: Apple Dessert

Postby Tallalune » February 21st, 2016, 4:13:07 pm

This looks very good! I might have to copy this down!!

Good job!
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