Alicanto Heart


Alicanto Heart

Postby Kestrad » January 28th, 2016, 7:32:55 pm

It's a tiny, intricately detailed heart, made out of gold, still pulsing and warm. Don't worry, it's probably not actually from an it? O.o

When used, item disappears from inventory and appears as a badge instead. This action is irreversible. Users with the badge gain 5 gold instead of 1 for clicking live eggs. Hatchlings and adults still only give out 1 gold.

Extra notes:
It's a somewhat common motif in fairy tales for the hero to find a magical bird (often made of gold) and swallow its heart; every day after that, a gold piece appears under his pillow. In addition, it would be nice to give people an extra incentive to click eggs. *glares at click threads*

Kestrad has been eaten by life. She'll probably pop back in occasionally.


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