Monocle of Vision


Monocle of Vision

Postby Zoa » January 8th, 2016, 6:50:48 am

Venturing from her small room, Zoa steps tentatively toward the contest submission table. A bit shy, and not sure if her submission would be worthy, she hesitates. Looking over the impressive items gathered, she feels her own would be most... mundane. After a nudge from one of her friends, she takes a deep breath, rushes to the table, places a small, velveteen box, and runs from the room.

The box, itself, is rather plain. When a judge opens it, there is a single monocle with a thin silver chain attached to it, along with a small parchment.


The parchment reads...

Monocle of Vision
Although plain, the Monocle of Vision is a powerful tool to determine the sex of a creature while it still lays within its egg. To use, one must simply place it over their right eye and gaze at a creature's egg. The sex of the creature will be revealed, and should be noted on pertinent documentation. The Monocle of Vision does not work when placed over the left eye, for unknown reasons.

Once used by a magi, it cannot be given to any other for this item imprints to the initial viewer's iris. Prolonged use could hamper the magical effect, resulting in lower accuracy as well as permanent crossed vision of the wearer. Should be used sparingly.


This should be a rather expensive item, or a "hard" quest reward. "Using" the monocle will reveal one of the following results:
    This creature will hatch as a male.
    This creature will hatch as a female.
    Cannot determine.

It does not change anything on the site - meaning it will NOT display "male (breed)" until the egg actually hatches! Users will have to notate the predicted sex somewhere on their own.

When the egg actually hatches will the user know for sure if the monocle is accurate. So yes, this could be a useful, non-useful, or outright frustrating piece of magic. Considering a "student" made it, this should be expected. However, with a chance of knowing the sex of a creature before it hatches will allow breeders to plan better - or not.

First few times used will give 100% accurate determination of creature sex. After that, the success should drop with each use until the monocle is no longer useful. Of course, to make things fun, you never know when the accuracy drops - only when the creature hatches will you know if the Monocle of Vision is actually accurate. Oh, and the crossed vision part is just my way of making it interesting.:haha: I think throwing in an RNG to this item will make it interesting, and the person owning it will seriously consider the use.

Of course, this is just an idea... the gods can manipulate as they wish.

Thanks to all for the wonderful gifts.
Especially MS-staff - for all 5 Krampen Beests!!!
Have a safe & happy Yuletide.

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Re: Monocle of Vision

Postby Kestrad » January 8th, 2016, 8:14:34 pm

I love everything about this entry.

Kestrad has been eaten by life. She'll probably pop back in occasionally.


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