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Rules of Conduct - Roleplay Stage Subsection

Postby Morgaln » November 28th, 2009, 12:04:33 pm

1. Part of the whole
All the rules of the Rules of Conduct apply

2. No Cybering
Any sexual content is absolutely forbidden! Keep your posts PG-13. If you wouldn't let your grandmother see, it is not appropriate!

3. Censor swearing
Sometimes, your characters might want to swear. If they do, please censor the curse (f---, s---), or use a publicly acceptable word.

4. Ask for permission
Before you enter an RP, ask the creator of the thread for permission to join. The owner of an RP has final say over who is allowed in his thread. In addition, you have to wait until the owner declares the RP open before you are allowed to post in it at all.

5. Distinguish between in-character and out-of-character
Whenever you post in an RP, make sure everyone knows what parts of your post are in-character (IC) and which are out-of-character (OOC). Examples how to do this is by putting OOC speech in brackets or under a spoiler. The owner of the RP may define how OOC speech must be marked.
This also includes that what happens between the characters stays between the characters. Just because your characters don't like each other does not give you the right to flame or attack the player of that character.

6. Keep on topic
If you are talking OOC, it has to have to do with the RP. If you want to chat, go to the Popsicle Stand. Don't spam up an RP; others might want to play and not read your chattering.

7. No god-modding
You are only allowed to play your character. You are not allowed to decide on the actions of any other player's character. You are also forbidden to kill off any player's character, unless that player agrees.
Neither are you allowed to create superior or invincible characters, unless the owner of the thread specifically allows that kind of character.

8. Creating an RP
If you create an RP, the following things must be made clear (except for private RPs, see below):
Topic and theme: write a short introduction what the RP is about; clarify the setting it is supposed to play in
Characters: describe the type and power level of characters appropriate to the setting; this includes the requirements those who want to join have to fulfill with their characters
Rules: state the rules that apply to your RP; those rules are of course in addition to those stated here and may not contradict them
Character form: it is recommended you create a character form that everyone who wants to join has to fill

9. Copying
Copying someone else's original RP is only allowed with express permission of that person. Even if that permission is given, you have to give credit to them in the first post of the RP.
RPs based on books, films or other published work are exempt from this rule.

10. Bumping
You may bump your own threads once every 20 hours. To bump, you must use the bump button at the bottom of your thread. If that button is not showing up, you are not allowed to bump that particular thread. Making a post to bump a thread is not allowed.

11. Special rules for the Private Stage
The Private Stage is only for private roleplays, often called One-on-One RPs. The following special rules apply:
- While already mentioned above, let me repeat that cybering and explicit posts are absolutely forbidden for every RP, including private RPs. There are young children on these forums, and whether you allow one of them in your RP or not, they are still capable of reading your posts.
- Private roleplays only allow users who are invited to post in them. You may create a thread asking to do a One-on-One with somebody else, but you may not jump in another person's RP uninvited.
- It is not necessary to post rules, a plot, or character forms in most private RPs, and doing so is entirely optional.

12. Special rules for the Backstage
- The Backstage is for out of character talk related to specific RP threads and for general discussions about RPing.
- Please keep the actual RPing in the main area of the Roleplay Stage or the Private Stage respectively.
- Do not post in a thread related to a specific RP thread unless you are playing in that RP or have express permission from the creator of that RP.

If there are any questions on the RP rules, direct them to PKGriffin please.
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