Lună Neagră (Werecreature / vampire RP)O&A

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Lună Neagră (Werecreature / vampire RP)O&A

Postby LokiWolfbane » March 15th, 2020, 10:56:36 am

Once, there was balance, each group or band Tending to their respective communities. Then the Shift threw it all into chaos. All the myths, lores, and legends came crashing out of the dark and straight into the spot light. Now the entire world has to make the chaos fade and the balance as close to peace as possible. Two brothers now fight for a world that fears them, protecting those that are just Mortal, and sacrificing more then anyone else. In a silent battle that is kept from the Mortal public by Cleaners.

Erik McGrabe leads the vampire covens as their Sohiraic, a step down from their king, whom has been missing for over five decades. When news that the werebeasts might know where the King is, a bitter reunion dogged it's way out of the proverbial grave, and bitter truths come to light about a broken family, and a cursed night.

Garth McGrabe was thought to have been attacked by malicious creatures and presumed dead. But in truth he is the Werebeasts furious new Champion and undisputed leader. He doesn't remember much of how he came to be, but he remembers the pain, and the grief of losing his entire family in one night. Through some twisted destiny, he is brought back to his brother, and memories are bitter sweet.

**will add more later**

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Special Thank you to Real on fixing the name

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