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Postby ZhaaliQuartz » January 12th, 2021, 10:05:56 pm

An auction house like in many mmos. You put up a creature for a certain amount, someone checks certain criteria, finds the creature and buys it instantly. No wait times. I totally haven't waited over a week for a trade to complete. Maybe also add a way of requesting certain creatures or items like in GW2.

The ability to add a description of your creature. A certain dragon website has this feature and to keep things from devolving your description must be read and either rejected or accepted by multiple people. Perhaps proofreading and voting could be a new way of earning gold or passing out new creatures.

More alts. Instead of just having a white direwolf as an alt there could be black or ginger; maybe even an incredibly rare grey variant.

Super far-fetched idea; mutations. A 1st gen+ creature born with a mutation that allows it to breed with a species it normally wouldn't be able to. That would be pretty sick to breed a manticore that mutated bird wings allowing it to breed with gryphons. I am a sucker for highly varied lineages.

Speaking of; the ability to limit what breeds go into your lineage. For example; it's kind of a bummer to make a purely manticore family, pass out 1st gens to people only to find out out of the people you trusted started breeding chimera into it.
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