Take it or leave it?

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Re: Take it or leave it?

Postby Kestrad » October 11th, 2019, 6:44:18 pm

Leave it. Gold is super heavy so a pillowcase full of coins would actually be literally impossible to move. Also, given that it's specifically Aztec gold, even obtaining like one or two coins would raise so many awkward questions at best. It's probably cursed anyway.

An ice cream sandwich that just randomly sprang into existence before you?

Kestrad has been eaten by life. She'll probably pop back in occasionally.


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Re: Take it or leave it?

Postby LavenderInk » October 13th, 2019, 11:41:14 am

rather leave it, it's probably some kind of mean trick.

a strange ancient coin you find while cleaning up the cellar?
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Re: Take it or leave it?

Postby HiddenMystic » October 14th, 2019, 2:09:27 pm

Take it.

A 500 year old book?
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