The World - Jungle of Raza

Not completely explored, Raza has amazing animals to be found. Birds with incredible plumage and large, predatory felines can be found, if a traveler is careful not to be spotted. Not exactly safe, Raza is teeming with exotic creatures; some of the most brightly colored and powerful ones ever seen. It's best not to spend the night in Raza; you may be woken to find a python curled around you. This makes it difficult to travel deep into the rainforest, and also means the jungle has never been fully explored. If a magi does decide to sleep there, they should find a high tree branch, and taking along a pet that was born here is always a good option.
      Raza is beautiful; immense flowers and sudden showers make it a place full of energy. Some of the older magis who prefer to remain at The Keep always ask magis heading in that direction to stop and gather the herbs that grow there. Plants can fetch a high price, too; magical qualities are everywhere in this place. A sickness can be stopped within an hour if a magi knows which leaf to brew in a pot of tea.
      If a magi returns from a fruitful expedition, bags bulging, they will quickly find themselves surrounded by the curious, begging for a look at the eggs and plants found on their travel. The younger scholars are always begging to be taken along, insisting they would be helpful. Once they prove themselves worthy on less dangerous travels, a new magi will be taken along with one or two adults - but never into the depths of Raza.
      It is said that an ancient race lives here, people accustomed to the danger such a place presents. Green of skin, they are said to blend into their environment perfectly, but it has been many years since such a sighting, and such tales are commonly thought of as myths.
      A magi must be careful with his time in the jungle; the lure of finding a new species is always balanced by the fear of being caught there after dark.