The World - Callisto Islands

A small chain of islands make up the archipelago of Callisto. Bursting with exotic flowers and vegetation, these five islands are full of brightly colored birds and animals. Sandy shores greet the azure ocean, clear enough to see the rusty coral and reefs far below. Shoals of striped fish flit past, and narwhals can be seen far off coast, migrating south for the winter. The krakens and leviathans love it here, playing with others of their kind and exploring shipwrecked boats, occasionally retrieving old gold coins or ancient artifacts, lost beneath the waves for years.
      A unique geological feature here is an atoll; a ring of land surrounding a lagoon. The land is very narrow, encompassing a small body of water. Corals settled and grew around an island, forming a reef that expanded while the island subsided, eroding away beneath the ocean. Inside this ring rare fish circle, having found their way in through a narrow channel.
      Magis reach these islands several ways; through the air, on the back of a gryphon or pegasus, or by water, with the aid of a leviathan or kraken. A favorite place to travel, magis often shirk their duties and relax on the sandy beach, swimming and enjoying a break from their work of study. Food is easily found; cocoanuts, mangos, and other fruit are plentiful. Warm throughout the year, a winter break is often enjoyed by scholars escaping the cold of The Keep. The warmer creatures, phoenixes and hellhounds, also find this a welcome relief.
      Fully explored, these islands are harmless and relaxing, a tropical retreat much appreciated by magis and creatures seeking a respite. Living here is easy, with no large predators to threaten, and a warm, sunny climate that relaxes visitors.