The World - Etain Desert

  • Legends
A wide stretch of arid land, the Etain Desert is a harsh and cruel place. Humans only reside on the edges of this area, where water is available. In the desert itself, water is difficult to come by, and the animals that live there are predatory and wary. Scorpions, snakes, and lizards are commonly seen, basking on hot rocks under the baking sun. Coyotes and jack rabbits have also adapted to survive here, their tawny coloring matching the sand. Magis traveling through this region do so quickly, under the cover of night.
      There was once an ancient city in the middle of the Etain Desert, huge and beautiful. All that remains of it now are the stone walls, and no one knows who lived here or built this place. Deep in an oasis, magis often stop in this abandoned city to replenish their water and rest before continuing on their travels. An old orchard still bears fruit; delicious figs and dates ripe for the picking. Many small animals visit here, hiding from the sun under the shade the trees provide. A well made of giant stone, delicately carved, sits in the center, cool water filling it to wet a dusty throat. Flowers burst into bloom over crumbling walls, their fragrance hanging heavy in the hot air.
      Huge canyon walls can be seen on the fringes of this dessert; they are in unique formations, stone eroded by sand and wind for thousands of years. Magis plan their travels so that when day approaches, they have reached the oasis or can stay in the cool caves weather has formed. If a sand storm suddenly springs up, these caves are the best shelter, shielding one from the deadly elements. Fierce storms, with stinging sand whipping through the air with great speed, can cut through cloth with ease, making this desert a hazardous place to explore, and a magi must have his eyes open at all times.
      Fire gryphons and phoenixes love to come here, even if they were not born to this climate. They fly close to the sun, striving to reach its burning heat, or spend as much time as possible lying on rocks, relishing the scorching rays. The only other creatures a magi has glimpsed that may be magical are horned hares, which quickly disappear from sight, and some hyenas, who pierce the night with their howls.