•      You find yourself at a mysterious stream. Floating down it are beautiful eggs, unlike any you've ever seen or heard of, decorated with odd scales and extraordinary colors. Some are already hatching, and you can see hints of what they might become. The water glows, almost beckoning you forward, and the trees seem to lean inward, as if by some enchantment. You have made an amazing discovery, and wish you could take an egg or two. These rare eggs can be raised into adults, if nurtured and raised well. If grown to adulthood, they can become beautiful and potent allies for any magi.
         Magi are magic wielders, students and teachers from all corners of the world, who spend their time traveling to distant lands, learning and experimenting in all forms of sorcery. Rare eggs help greatly in their travel, both in wizard wars and as steeds. Will you join the ranks of these wizards, and take on the responsibility and adventure these creatures promise to bring? Choose your own egg, and begin the journey.
         Simply click one to take it as your own. Don't see anything you want? The eggs you see are automatically updated faster than you can refresh! Eggs that are no longer available will be instantly replaced with new ones. Can't seem to find the egg you're looking for? Try the shops.

February 2017 Contest: A Damaged Bestiary

Postby Naomi » February 15th, 2017, 7:44:41 pm

"Oh no! Oh no no no!" Naomi rubbed her temples and sighed as she stared around the archival room. Small, dark, and currently very damp, this particular room had been used to store illuminated manuscripts and detailed family trees devoted to the various types of hybrids that magi had discovered by breeding magical creatures. Centuries of valuable records were covered in mold and mildew while the pages of ancient books were distorted and stained from water. A grumble from Alastair, her Arkenian sunbeast, drew Naomi's attention to small fragments of glass on the floor. "It looks like someone pitched a snowball into the window and shattered it. We've had so much snow and sleet in the last month and with the wind carrying it directly into this room, it's no wonder the damage is so extensive."

Naomi carefully lifted a large leather bound book from a warped shelf. "These pictures are damaged and the notes are nearly illegible, but I'm certain I've never seen hybrids like these before. I wonder if anyone might know what they are?" The librarian beckoned to her sunbeast as the she slowly made her way back to her desk. "I think I know a few magi who would enjoy this kind of challenge."

Hello everyone and welcome to our February contest: Design a Hybrid! Yes, that's right, love is in the air (or maybe it's just mold spores) and the time has come for you to tell us all about your dream hybrid. There are a few simple rules to be aware of, so read them carefully.

  • You must design a hybrid creature using two existing Magistream creatures.
  • Both creatures you use must not have any restrictions on breeding; this rules out anything that is unbreedable (e. g. Cestoda, Goldfish, Amagnae); anything that has a limited amount of breedings (e. g. Tinsel Wyrms); anything that has a cost associated with breeding (e. g. donation pets)
    If you're unsure, please check the Bestiary.
  • Your entry may be in the form of art (egg, hatchling, adult) or written descriptions (egg, hatchling, adult, and a general description). Either way, you need to specify which two species breed to create that hybrid.
  • You may enter up to five times, but you may only win once. Please create a new thread for each entry.
  • Post your entries in the Competition Entries forum.
  • This contest is for fun – we don’t guarantee that any of the creatures users come up with will ever be added to the site.
  • Members of the MS staff are not eligible to win prizes, but may enter if they desire.
  • The contest will run from today until March 5, 11:30 pm EST.
  • There will be three prizes awarded: the grand prize winner will receive five crystal shards, the second place winner will receive three shards, and the third place winner will receive two shards.
  • Any discussions or questions regarding this contest go into the dedicated thread in the Community Discussions.

Looking for artists

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A Shooting Star

by Rosehill » January 13th, 2017, 4:33:20 pm

Moderator change

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