Vielen Dank Family Crest

The Vielen Dank Family

Creator: 11lizzy11m

Members: 114

This lineage is created as a Thanks to everyone on magi that is nice (to a person or in generral). The members of the lineage are very royal to there owners and like to help them anytime. Vielen Dank means thank you. The progenerators are named thanks in frensch and english.

- Give the baby's to persons who you want to thank (You can also send one back to the person that sendet you one if you like to thank him or her)
- Name the baby after the person you are giving it to
- Don't release, freeze, inbreed, breed whit other lineages please.
- If you really don't want it (anymore) please send them to Master Belmos or to me so I can send them ;)
- There are allowed to be more family members whit the same name, as long as they deserve it ;)
- any creature is welcome in the line, and is encouraged to do so (We are all diffrent)
- I think I don't have to mention it but don't sell, you can't buy someones thanks.


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