av Sverige Family Crest

The av Sverige Family

Creator: GoldenVampire

Members: 9

I'll add the crest later on. For now, the rules will follow here.

No freezing, releasing or any of the like.
Breed as much as you want, but please keep them at even generations (For example not a 1stgen with a 2nd gen to give a 1.5gen, but rather a 1st gen and a 1st gen, or a 2nd gen and a 2nd gen)
Give them a Swedish name. Not a ridicously nordic-oldish-name, but a common normal name
Breed how many you want, but do not gift them to people. As the lineage creator, message me if you want one.
This will, in fact, only be given out to people known to be from Sweden, has lived in Sweden, speak Swedish or has Swedish relatives.
Or shortly, only to members from The Swedish Room

Please let them all become Ancients. They look more proud then, which I think is nice.
If you haven't finished the quest, sent it to me and I'll transform it for you

Got unwanted Dragons? Send them to me.

It is okay to breed Gemdragons and suchlike into the family


1st Generation

2nd Generation