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The Yotsuba No Kuroba Family

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Yutsuba No Kuroba is Japanese for Clover (with four leaves). They say they bring luck.
These two Tropical Tarsiers always seem to find these little clovers somehow every around, were others never would find these little clovers and bring there magi much luck. If they stay long on one spot it sometimes even look as if there will grow more of the clovers around that spot.

-No Inbreed!
- No freezing!
-No realeasing! If you really don't want this little lucky one then send it to a friend or back to me!
- Give them JAPANESE names!!!
- Breed whit SB please :)
- please keep breeding them :).
- Don't use for a quest (if there is coming one lol)
- Don't sell them (you can't buy luck)!

Crest by Rosehill


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