Desert Gem Family Crest

The Desert Gem Family

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As you travel through the dusty streets of Voltar, you see a large red jewel flash on a smooth blue surface. The spectacular sight sparks your curiosity, causing you to investigate. As you come closer, the bright colors of a sacred scarab egg come into view. Something about the egg gives you the urge to purchase it from the vendor, and so you do (after flinching at the cost) for an expensive price of 3,000g.

Travelling into the Etain Desert and back to your Keep, you pay close attention to the glittering egg that lies in your sandy hands. Before entering the grassy grounds outside the Keep, you seem to feel a small movement inside the egg, and a breeze tickles your nose with the scent of the desert.

Crest by Rosehill.

Do not inbreed, freeze eggs, or release Desert Gem scarabs! It would be cool if you named it after a gem, or something gem-like. c:


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