Return to Innocence Family Crest

The Return to Innocence Family

Creator: 11lizzy11m

Members: 24

- Name you're creature (Prefarable after something whit the "Enigma" or the Song "Return to inocence" of them)! whit second gens and up the name doesn't matter that much as long as it is a nice name. Won't give out anymore 1st gens since I got the band members (probably you could still get one, if you come up whit a good name)
- No inbreeding!
- No freezing!
- No realising! Send them to a friend or back to me!
- Don't breed with other lineages
- You are allowed to breed with all creatures, just breed you're normal gryphion at least once whit a normal one, so they stay in the line as wel.

crest made by Rosehill


1st Generation

2nd Generation

3rd Generation