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The Secrets Family

Creator: Aneira

Members: 21

There are a variety of secrets. Hidden secrets, deadly secrets, loving secrets, sad secrets, the list goes on and on. And the Secrets Mist stalker family knows this best, for their names tell of all the secrets there are. Usually, the name of the Mist stalker tells of their personality. These mist stalkers share secrets with only their own family members and, if your mist stalker truly trust them, their Magi.
You must be careful on who you choose to tell a secret to. Not everyone can be trusted with one. Only the most loyal of friends, human or creature, are able to keep secrets and never reveal them.

1. Do not freeze eggs. Freezing hatchlings is fine.
2. Name the Mist Stalker so the name makes sense (E.x. Hidden Secrets)
3. Do not use for future quest.
4. Please, try to breed them!


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