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The House of Lancaster and the House of York were two rival branches of the royal House of Plantagenet. Both Houses became famous through a series of dynastic civil wars called the "Wars of the Roses", fought between 1455-1487 in medieval England.

* Inbreeding is ALLOWED
* NO frozen eggs/hatchlings!
* Breed your Rose Imp and its offspring only with Red Rose Imps of the same generation or lower. Solitary exception: It is allowed that you breed your Rose Imp with a White (or Red) Rose Imp from MY of York lineage; same generation or lower.
* Don't breed your Rose Imp and its offspring with other lineages except for MY of York lineage!
* Don't release your Rose Imp and its offspring! If you don't want them anymore, please send them back to me.
* Give your Rose Imp and its offspring appropriate royal names.
* Make sure that whoever you sell/gift the offspring of your Rose Imp will adhere to these rules too!

Crest made by neoseptem

Family rules

No egg freezing
No hatchling freezing
No releasing


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