Kungaloosh Family Crest

The Kungaloosh Family

Creator: Danafox

Members: 11

The Kungaloosh family is inspired from the famous WoW fruit drink.

.:: Family Rules ::.
* You MUST name your Kungaloosh after a Tropical fruit or fruit combinations that are used in fruit drinks.
You can also named them after Tropical drinks.

.:: You may ::.
* Breed them with SB Tarsiers only
* Freezing of Hatchlings is fine as long as they have a name.
* Gift them only to friends you trust and who respect lineage rules.

.:: Not Allowed ::.
* No inappropriate names or stupid names please - aka must follow name rules that I stated.
* No Releasing of any family members - if you do not want it then please return it to me via trade and PM me.
* No Freezing of Eggs EVER please - if you do this you will be blacklisted
* No Cross-breeding with other lineages
* No Inbreeding allowed
* No Selling them

Crest credit goes to the wonderful Rosehill! Thank you Rose!


1st Generation

2nd Generation

3rd Generation