Omaticaya Family Crest

The Omaticaya Family

Creator: GoldenVampire

Members: 21

When you own one of the Omaticayas you have a powerful proud creature guarding your Keep. Others do also deserve the guardiance of my breeded Direwolfs but as with almost all Lineages there are a few rules.

Rules for the Omaticaya:
* No freezing, no releasing, no using for quests
* Inbreeding is allowed. I don't really care. The more, the merrier
* Give them a good name, I hate seeing creatures go unnamed
* Please don't sell them. If you don't want them, gift them to others, but have them understand these rules
* Let's keep this as close to only Direwolf, no Manticores, okay? I won't hate you for breeding manticores or direcores, but try to keep it Direwolf Only
* Enjoy the guarding of the Omaticaya

If you don't follow these rules I will put you on my personal blacklist and will never do any business with you. Never.

The crest is by the wonderful Rosehill.


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2nd Generation

3rd Generation

4th Generation