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"The Book of Shadows is the name used for a book that contains magical and religious texts in the religion of Wicca and certain other neopagan witchcraft traditions. Typically, a Book of Shadows contains the core rituals, magical practices, ethics and philosophy of Wicca within it, and more often a list of the witch's personal spells." -from Wikipedia

The progenitors of this lineage were born on my birth date, and I wanted them to be part of a lineage close to my heart.

Lineage Rules

1. DO NOT inbreed, freeze, or release offspring. If you no longer want them, send them back to me.
3. Please give them a name YOU feel is magickal. This can be interpreted differently, so it leaves the door open for many possibilities. If anything, pick a name close to your heart. JUST MAKE SURE YOU NAME THEM!

Please request a Book of Shadows on this thread:

Blessed Be!


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