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The Trifeather Family

Creator: Jeccakat

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Long ago, two gryphons, by the names of Storm and Aero, fell in love. Ah, but for their love was not to be made of happiness. Because, before they were born, their families hated each other and intent that their two families never become one, they used their powerful magic to curse one another. Their spells backfired, however, and, instead of keeping the families apart, it caused the next-to-be-hatched gryphon of each family to fall in-love. Though Storm and Aero love each other, they hate each other as well.

Because of the curse, Storm and Aero were only able to have three eggs, one hatching and growing to adult, one hatching, and one to never hatch. This is the same with the adult offspring of every generation; having three eggs and all taking the same fate. The family will live on this way, generation after generation, despair clutching their hearts, and hatred filling their eyes.

This is the Trifeather family.


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