SwiftWing Family Crest

The SwiftWing Family

Creator: Flamesong

Members: 15

The SwiftWing clan is made up of White Winged Cats with fur that shines like stars and is as smooth as silk. The clan was formed when a pair of Winged Cats that were faster than all the others, fell in love. Their kittens were even faster than their parents and so the clan started to be called SwiftWings. Even now, sometimes a lone cat will wander into the forest and fall in love with a SwiftWing and the clan will continue.


1.No inbreeding
2.Only breed with SB unlineaged White Winged Cats
3.Do not sell the kittens, if you don't want them anymore send them back to me, or gift them, but do not release them
4.Please, do not freeze the eggs

Crest was done by Rosehill, Thank You!


1st Generation

2nd Generation

3rd Generation