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The panther stalked through the shadows of his master's keep, batting things out of his way in his boredom. It had been ages since he was last taken on a quest, ages since he had last ran through the jungles, ages since he had seen any of his brethren. Indeed life was lonely for this solitary male. Until the day his master brought home a surprise. A soft mewing came from the crate, peeking his interest. His master smiles some "Here Imreis, a new playmate for you." She opens the crate and out stalks a half grown female panther. She mews again before eying Imreis who gruffs softly at her. The Magi stood back with a smile, watching as the two got to know each other. She knew she had made the right choice in this matter.

Restrictions: Never release, if you don't want them anymore send it back to me DragonsLairs. Never, ever freeze an egg or hatchling. Period. If you want a frozen Telvian Panther please get yourself a stream born one. Please name them if you can!


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