Thutmosid Family Crest

The Thutmosid Family

Creator: Serianna

Members: 398

This lineage is named for the dynasty King Tutankhamun (King Tut) hailed from. As is obvious, this lineage is in honor of King Tut and celebrates the wonder of Ancient Egypt and the 18th dynasty of Pharoahs.

There are only a few rules for this lineage:

1. That all members of this lineage must be named after royal members or relations to Ancient Egyptian Dynasties.
2. Please refrain from putting Queen, King, or Pharaoh on as part of the name as this was not originally done when the Lineage was created...
3. You are allowed to breed with my other Egyptian Lineages of course and it's encouraged.
4. Inbreeding and Freezing are allowed and encouraged... As you research the Egyptian Dynasties you will see why I allowed this.


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