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It was a cool summer night that Chaviva and Alvaro were wed and Chaviva laid 3 brown eggs that shone in the moonlight. Alvaro walked out of their home in the Alasre Mountains to catch dinner. When Alvaro came back he stopped in his tracks. Red everywhere; pooling on the ground and dappled over his children. But his eyes came to rest over a form that was barely recognizable. It was Chaviva, blooding pooling under her, dead. “No!” Alvaro cried and ran toward her. Alvaro sat a silent vigil for his wife throughout the night, tears dappling her fur. When dawn broke, Alvaro’s head rose and the he knew that the only thing he could do now was to protect his unborn children so he gently tucked them under his wing. But only one survived and Alvaro watched as the egg cracked, and a small head peaked out, the shell sitting on top. Alvaro stared at the shining brown eyes and his own brown eyes filled with tears. It was his child, and he would care for it with all of his life. For Chaviva.


1st Generation