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The Of the Sugar Crisis Family

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Oh noes! The rocs were into the cursed sugar! Now they seem to be turning into sugary desserts! Whatever shall we do? - - - - - {{In the Sekkret Roc Headquarters}} "We must take over this domain known as Magistream! But how?" demanded White Chocolate. White Ice Cream laughs, "Why, we could just send our family off to infilitrate the others' keeps. They will slowly poison the minds of others. Soon, all of the world will be ours!" The two rocs laughed. It was a good plan. {{--|| To those reading this family description, if you want to help this family take over Magistream, please give me a PM with the subject labeled as "Sugar Crisis Takeover" for a Sugar Crisis roc. Please mention if you want you want it named by me, or if you want to name it yourself, or if you're just asking for some information about this family. Who knows, this might actually be a big thing someday! (Yes, I can dream...) ||--}}


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