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The Hyuuga Family

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The Hyuuga Family is a Naruto Family name.

1) No Inbreeding
2) No duplicate names. You can use ctr-f to find out if a name has been used. You may reuse a name if its been 5 generations since its last use.
3) No breeding w/other lineages
4) DO NOT RELEASE A BABY (send it back to me please!)
5) Asian names would be best, but as long as it fits, it is fine. BUT DO NAME
6) DO NOT FREEZE ANY! If it gets to a special percentage, PLEASE pm me and hide the HATCHLING in trade while I answer your question! I will allow SOME exceptions to this rule if I approve it only!

I will blacklist for breaking these rules! Any serious infraction of the rules will result in blacklisting. Please do not make me do this, you will be ban you from all my other lineages and asked to return any creature that you have of my lineages. PLEASE!

NOTE: NejixTenten is not canon, but I do love the pairing!


1st Generation

2nd Generation

3rd Generation