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There is an old British story called "Dick Whittington and His Cat" that tells a compelling tale. There are several versions of the traditional story, which tells how Dick, a boy from a poor family, sets out for London to make his fortune, accompanied by, or later acquiring, his cat. At first he meets with little success and is tempted to return home but his cat ends up making his fortune. The Whittingtons are based on this tale. They are purebred, but were not Giftborn and thus were considered lowly class elk until Elly - the magi who was cursed into manticore form (thus a "cat") -- met them and turned their fate around. They now reside over all the Elk in her Keep deep below in an underground cavern set up especially for these magnificent winter-weather beasts.

Anything goes as long as you don't abandon (release) anything! If you want to get rid of an egg, freeze it and send it to me in a trade. If you don't want a pet anymore, please do the same. Other than that, have fun!


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